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South India Tour During The Winter

The winter season is almost upon us and with it comes holidays. Make your winter holidays more special by travelling to South India. South India, with its varied geographical locations and rich history has a lot to offer the discerning traveller. Various travel companies offer different tour packages to suit every traveller and every budget. With the winter season almost here, make South India, the holiday destination for you and your family and have a memorable South India tour. So if you are a history buff or an adventure junkie or just looking for a leisure trip, South India has a lot to offer.

How to Enjoy Paris in 12 Hours

If you have a long layover in Paris, you can tour Paris in as little as 12 hours. Paris has several attractions that would interest tourists. What can do see and do in Paris in 12 hours?

24 Hours in Rotorua

24 hours isn’t a very long time but you’ll be surprised how much you can pack into a day if you try. Rotorua has so much to see and do, each moment of the day will be filled with something different.

The Hidden Treasures of Mount Gambier

Mount Gambier is a relatively small town with a lot to offer – from brilliant blue lakes to majestic underground caves as well as excellent food and wine and accommodation. Often thought of as a stopover destination, after reading this you’ll see it as a holiday destination on its own.

Kamenjak Viewpoint in Northern Dalmatia, Croatia

Tourists visiting Croatia often miss visiting less well known destinations whose beauty is just as amazing as some of the more prominent ones. One of these less well known amazing spots is the Kamenjak Viewpoint, located above Vrana Lake, a very attractive site of both historical interest and exceptional natural beauty.

Ideas For Guaranteeing A Smooth Travel Experience

There are always many factors to consider when planning a trip, whether you’re a seasoned traveler or preparing to take your initial journey. Thankfully, planning travel is much simpler if you know where to begin and have the right information. The following article contains travel tips and tricks for anyone interested in seeing the world.

The Best Places to Eat in Dubai

If you travel to Dubai you will find restaurants serving cuisine from many nations as well as many local specialties. The city is known for importing famous chefs to run the top restaurants.

Carnival in the Dominican Republic

In the Dominican Republic (DR), carnival is celebrated during the month of February with parades across the country being held every weekend. Every city has its own traditions and different events where people dressed in colorful costumes and wearing masks parade and dance through the streets and public squares to the sounds of music and chanting.

Things to Do in Napa

While the city of Napa had often been overlooked with travelers frequently passing it up to head further north into the valley, it’s undergone a makeover and has been revived quite a bit after being ignored for years. Napa is certainly well-worth a visit, even if you don’t plan to base your stay here. With luxurious resorts and spas, fine dining, museums, world-class art galleries and more, you’re sure to find something fun to do. Here is a look at the top five most popular sights and attractions.

Top 5 Day Hikes in Olympic National Park

From breathtaking ocean beaches to a rain forest and towering mountain peaks, Olympic National Park offers many hiking trails that wind through this diverse landscape, making it a virtual hiker’s paradise. If you plan to visit the park, getting out on the trails and exploring all that it has to offer is a must.

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