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If Travel to Russia Is on Your Bucket List, Put St. Petersburg and Peterhof on Your Itinerary

Much of Russia’s chaotic history can be attributed to its leaders. From the czars through the Soviets and today’s uneven experiment in democracy, few Russian rulers can be called dull. But none so far have matched the flamboyance, ruthlessness, and over-the-top ambition of Pyotr Alexeyevich, the self-styled Peter the Great.

Top 5 Places To Visit In Penang!

This turtle shaped holiday destination located in Malaysia has a plethora of great vacation ideas to offer. Referred to as the ‘The Pearl of Orient’, Penang is one of Asia’s famous travel destinations. With an amalgamation of exotic, mysterious and fascinating sights; we give you a few more reasons to visit this picturesque island, without any hesitance.

The Top 3 Destinations to Be Visited During Sri Lanka Holidays!

Be it the exotic beaches, ancient cities, cave temples, hilltop plantation or natural wildlife; the beautiful island of Sri Lanka offers everything that can delight a traveller. Sri Lanka holidays are a complete package of fun and adventure.

Surf, Sunbathe and Relax on Australia’s Best Beaches

Australia’s beaches are known for being some of the best in the world and, with the thousands of miles of beautiful coastline that the country has to offer, it is no surprise that many travellers to Australia want to check out these stretches of sand for themselves. Australia has a variety of different types of beaches – from the secluded to the popular surfing hotspots – and here we take you through some of the best beaches that Australia has to offer and the ones that must be visited. Mission Beach Mission Beach boasts…

Shanghai Is the Place To Be!

Planning a vacation to Shanghai? Here are some useful things to know when vacationing in the beautiful city. This stunning city flaunts an old-world charm that draws numerous tourists time after time to visit and revisit the incredible place. On stepping foot into picturesque Shanghai, be ready to get captivated with some of the best traditional Chinese buildings, majestic skyscrapers and Baroque mansions.

Best Time to Visit Kashmir Valley – Kashmir Tourism

Almost all passionate travelers would love going to this Indian paradise on earth at least once in their lifetime. The valley of Kashmir in spite of all the chaos, bloodshed at the borders, hunger for power and a piece of land, gunshots, roaring of bullets, homeless refugees and innocent denizens made destitute, still retains its idyllic charm, a charm that would at once leave you speechless and cause you to marvel with awe at the sublimity of Nature that makes the valley so very famous not only in India but even all across the globe! Yes Kashmir is definitely on the top of the hot list as a travel destination and every passionate global trekker or Indian tourist prefers visiting this beautiful valley to get a memorable travel experience to be cherished all through life.

The Astounding Nepal

From the lush green patches of Chitwan National Park, the holy shrine of Lord Pashupati, to the multifarious cafés and hippie culture of lake-side Pokhara, Nepal is an outstanding and pleasant destination for all. This astonishing land offers an array of activities to the adventure freaks. At the same time, Nepal is a shopper’s paradise.

Rent a Bike and Cycle Around Djurgarden in Stockholm

Experience the island of Royal Djurgarden when visiting Stockholm. The best way to see the whole nature at the island is to rent a bike and follow the water, taking you past the Vasa museum, the outdoor museum Skansen and a lot of nice interresting history of Stockholm.

London’s River

The River Thames has always been the gateway to the city of London. Here the author traces the journey of this history packed river from the capital to the open sea, exploring the Essex shoreline with its ancient castles. sleepy fishing villages and the bustling holiday complex of Southend with the longest pier in the world.

Planning a Rewarding Offseason Vacation in Vienna

Sure, everyone likes a vacation during the summer season; but is it really a good idea? What about an offseason vacation during the month of, say November? If you are prepared for the lack of heat, offseason vacations can be extremely rewarding if you have it all planned out properly.

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