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Enjoying the Best of Both Worlds on Menorca

Coming to Menorca? Villa holidays ensure there’s something for everybody. Here’s what you can expect.

Son Bou – A True Holiday Heaven

Heading to Son Bou? Holidays involve lots of planning, so make sure you take note of these tips to ensure a fuss free break on Menorca.

Three Menorcan Celebrations You Shouldn’t Miss

Booking a holiday in Menorca? Villa holidays are made even better if you take in all the fun of a fiesta!

Three Exciting Ways to Enjoy Your Son Bou Holidays

Get the most out of your Son Bou holidays by exploring the area in detail. There is much to discover in this beautiful island paradise.

El Greco, Heraklion’s Favourite Son

Before the days of beach resorts and transfers from Heraklion airport, the Cretan town was best known as the birthplace of artist El Greco. Read on.

Florida Still Top Spot for Spring Break

Cheap travel options, including cheap airplane tickets, discount hotel rooms, and cheap vacation packages have contributed to help Florida remain the number 1 spring break destination as has its weather, beaches, and many entertainment options. College revelers are arriving in droves to Cocoa Beach and other Florida party hotspots, to blow off classroom steam and drink copious amounts of alcohol while enjoying the oceanfront. Most students from northern states have been cooped up by the epic, bitter winter.

Exploring the Historical Museum Of Crete

Coming to Heraklion? Airport transfers may take you past the museum dedicated to the island’s history. It’s a fascinating place to visit.

Nashville – For Groups It’s More Than Just Country Music

This is about the beautiful spots and activities that you could try when you go to Nashville. Traveling in this place will give you more relaxation and a feeling of content with the lulls of music there as well as the soothing feeling of being secured while you’re having your leisure time.

Discovering Some Hidden Gems of Menorca

Aside from the reasonable rates of villa rentals in Menorca, the island has a lot to offer. Some things aren’t always common knowledge.

Learning the ABC’s of Son Bou, on Menorca

Book in to one of the wonderful Son Bou villas for the best beach holiday of your life! Here are the ABC’s of this excellent destination.

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