Anne Beathe Tvinnereim Pledges NOK 100M to the African Development Bank at Global Citizen Festival

Best Rides in Disney World Florida’s Theme Parks

Walt Disney World in Florida is the perfect place to make lifelong family memories, with some of the most thrilling and technologically advanced family-friendly attractions known to man packed into four amazing theme parks. With so many rides to embrace, it is important to do your research early and pick out the attractions you think you and your loved ones will enjoy most. Time goes unbelievably quickly when you are having fun, so it is important to make the most of it.

India’s Best Beaches: Top 6 Beaches in India for a Seaside Holiday

This article gives you a sneak peek into some of the best beaches in India. The list has been prepared on the basis of factors like natural beauty, serenity and popularity.

The Grand Canyon Bus Tour That’s Right For You

When in Las Vegas, consider taking a Grand Canyon bus tour. Go to the West Rim or the South Rim, and see Lake Mead and Hoover Dam, too. Learn more. Read this article…

Top 5 Summer Tour Destinations in India

India, undoubtedly, offers excellent options for relaxing summer vacations. The hill stations in India have the perfect ambiance for nature lovers and activities for adventure seekers.

Kasauli: A Steal Glance At The Poetic Charms of This Himachal Town

This article takes you on a Himachal tour to the charming destination of Kasauli. Interesting information about the town has been provided and an attempt has been made to give the readers an insight into its beauty.

Top Five Things to Do in The Philippines

The Philippines is a popular tourism destination for a very good reason. The incredible archipelago is made of more than 7000 islands and offers an activity option for everyone, regardless of age, lifestyle and preferences. Planning a trip to the Philippines any time soon?

Budget Travel in Europe

How to travel cheaply through Europe on a budget, is not something I know a lot about, Yet… but when at about this time last year I had signed up for a tour through seven European countries, driving a HPV (Human powered Vehicle) I thought to myself, this is right for me, for so many reasons, I had for awhile wanted to go back to my home country Denmark.

5 Reasons Yarra Valley Winery Tours Are Perfect for Romantic Getaways

Whether you are newlyweds looking for somewhere to spend part of your honeymoon or a long-time couple looking for a romantic getaway, you will be able to get what you wish for and more with Yarra Valley winery tours. The valley does not only have the dreamy and idyllic ambiance you’d want for spending quality time with your loved one, it also has resplendent views, lush bush lands, historical offerings and gastronomic bounties that are more than enough to make your trip or stay there worth its weight in gold.

Important Tips – Choosing a Resort Villa

Planning the vacation may be destined to a resort villa, which could make the trip memorable in terms of the accommodation and available entertainment avenues therein. Everything needs to be special in order to make the event memorable and for that you should plan to stay somewhere where you’d be at peace. It is to be remembered that the holidays/vacations are planned to relax and enjoy yourself and therefore should be planned to be luxurious, affordable and memorable for the future.

Koh Samui – Indulge in a Unique and Memorable Experience on Thailand’s Exotic and Relaxing Island

Tourists from all over the world, who are looking for the perfect getaway on one of Thailand s most pristine and exotic islands, should consider an unforgettable and rewarding trip to Samui Island. Officially known as Koh Samui, this breathtaking and peaceful island is a popular tourist destination, attracting more than 1.5 million tourists each year. Called simply Samui by Thai people, it is part of Mu Ku Samui Archipelago, a group of islands located in the Gulf of Thailand and of Amphoe Ku Samui district. Koh Samui is situated off the east coast of the Kra Isthmus, the narrowest portion of the Malay Peninsula, in southern Thailand. This picturesque tropical island is the third largest island in Thailand, the first being Phuket and the second Koh Chang.

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