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Tourist Attractions in Shanghai

Located in the central-eastern China, Shanghai is a very appealing tourist destination. The cosmopolitan city of Shanghai lies picturesquely along the delta side of the Yangtze River. The charm and attraction of this city lies in the seamless mix of modern and traditional, where the cosmopolitan culture blends with the rich Chinese culture. The city of Shanghai is a beautiful blend of numerous peaceful gardens and crowded places, ancient shrines and huge skyscrapers. This modern metropolis combined with its rich heritage and Chinese culture has much to see and do.

Hyderabad, Amritsar and Pune Hotels: 3 Outstanding Holiday Getaways

This article takes a look into hot holiday spots like Hyderabad, Amritsar and Pune. It is their contrasting personas that make them so much different from the rest. A sneak view has also been provided of the top Hyderabad hotels, Amritsar hotels and Pune hotels.

Orlando Attractions – Dos and Dont’s

When planning a trip to Orlando, it is always nice to have some inside knowledge from someone who has been before you and has picked up a few tips. It is easy to get carried away when planning it. Especially when the kids are brimming with excitement. Anyway, I hope you find this article useful.

Mexico City Is An Amazing Destination

Mexico City is still one of the best destinations in the world. There is so much to do and that surprises no one. Mexico City is one of the largest and most entertaining cities in the world.

Haridwar, Udaipur and Coimbatore: Info About Attractions and Hotels

This article lays down an account of 3 popular tourist destinations in India in Haridwar, Udaipur and Coimbatore. Information is provided on the major attractions and travel deals which ensure hassle-free booking of Haridwar hotels, Udaipur hotels and Coimbatore hotels.

Experiencing the Real Vietnam: Your Different Travel Options

Vietnam is the easternmost country in Southeast Asia. It is home to about 87.8 million people occupying a similar land size as Germany.

Bali Travel Tips for Travelers

Preparation is an important thing to do when you plan a holiday; especially if your destination is abroad. You need to prepare your documents, flight tickets, medications, clothing, cameras and more. In addition, you also need to search for as much as information about your holiday destination. It is important to know the best time to go there, the best places to shop and eat, the best landmarks to photograph and more. So, make sure that you are not clueless about the city that you are going to visit.

Three Must-See Attractions for Visitors to Melbourne

While most people think of Australia as a vast, parched land fringed with sunny beach towns and tanned, happy surfers, in reality there’s much more to the country than just the beach and the outback. In fact, if you head down to the southern state of Victoria you’ll find a gem of a city, packed with culture and thronged with representatives of hundreds of nations from around the world. As one of the most ethnically diverse cities on Earth, Melbourne offers a unique international feel often lacking in other Australian cities, with vibrant ethnic enclaves offering delicious foods from all corners of the earth (and a particularly excellent Chinatown in the heart of the city). But you don’t visit Melbourne just for great food, friendly people and a warm, relaxing culture. In fact, this most welcoming of cities offers lots of great attractions and activities for visitors. Here are just a few of them.

Where to Visit In London

London is a great city to visit with something for everyone. There is great shopping, tours and much more to do. The nightlife is something that you can find nowhere else.

How to Pick a Vacation Travel Destination

Travel destinations are not one-size-fits-all. Some see travel as a chance to relax at a sunny beach resort for a week. Others view a trip as an opportunity to visit a new city for museums, shopping and sightseeing. Some folks see travel as an occasion to join family and friends in a remote setting, such as an outdoor cabin destination. Those looking for romance may find a cruise or romantic weekend getaway fits their lifestyle.

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