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The Natural Attractions of Kangaroo Island

An introduction to the attractions both natural and man-made of beautiful Kangaroo Island in South Australia. There is much to see and do on this interesting and scenic island.

The Blue Mosque, Istanbul – Beauty and Piety Personified

Istanbul is a traveller’s delight! From historical monuments to sacred spots, the city is replete with stunning tourist attractions. The Blue Mosque is a popular sacred spot to explore. When you buy cheap airline tickets to Istanbul, you can use your savings to spend elsewhere in your vacation.

Banyugan Beach On Boracay – A Review

This is another private beach I visited, beside the Lapuz Lapuz beach. There are a lot of similarities shared between the two beaches: just like the Lapuz Lapuz beach, the Banyugan beach also belongs to an expensive five star hotel resort, located at a very sequestered area of Boracay where you can enjoy complete privacy and exclusion from the rest of the world, and as is the case with Lapuz Lapuz beach, Banyugan is accessible and can be used only by the guests of the Shangri-La Boracay hotel.

Lapuz Lapuz Beach On Boracay Island – A Review

Lapuz Lapuz beach is unique in Boracay in that unlike the more famous beaches in there, this one is a private beach belonging to the famous Fairways and Bluewater Golf Resort and Country Club. Nonetheless, for golf lovers out there this part of the island is truly a paradise.

Kaikoura – A Sustainable Community

On a rocky peninsula near the northeastern tip of New Zealand’s South Island is the rugged and eco-friendly community of Kaikoura. With its spectacular scenery, abundant wildlife and its reputation as a leader in sustainable development, it is no surprise that this beautiful seaside town is such a popular destination for eco travelers. Towards the inland the towering mountain escarpment of the Seaward Kaikoura Range cloaks the peninsula and offers a protected habitat for a diverse range of wildlife. Off the coast, the cool waters of the Pacific Ocean provide an ideal environment for sea birds and aquatic animals, including marine mammals.

Bendigo Gold Mines

The Gold Rush of the 1850s is a significant piece of Australia’s history. It played a pivotal role in shaping the country’s economy and in building an enduring culture of adventure, mateship and hard work.

Disneyland Planning Tips for First-Time Visitors

Disneyland Resort in California is the original Disney theme park, with a great mix of classic rides and newer additions such as the popular Cars Land. With its 60th anniversary Diamond Celebration underway, many guests are looking to visit Disneyland – here are some tips for first-timers to become familiar with how to plan for a visit.

Experiencing the Coastal Village of Jeongdongjin South Korea

Jeongdongjin is one of the most fascinating seaside communities in South Korea because of its almost odd combination of landmarks and attractions. Just a few minutes train ride from the town of Gangneung, Jeongdongjin has the distinction of having the closest train station to a sea in the world!

Interesting Facts About The Trevi Fountain, Rome

Beauty and history surrounds the famous Trevi Fountain. The structure is gigantic and has mythical figurines carved depicting their significance. Since Rome is a tad bit costly, cheap airline tickets will help you to travel in a budget-friendly way. This also allows you to save big and use your savings to explore in and around the Trevi Fountain.

Cagban Beach On Boracay – A Review

Cagban beach is the very beach port of the Boracay island; well, that is how it’s been known for a very long time, until recently, when Cagban beach has started growing as an attractive tourist destination spot! Although the Cagban offers similarities with the other beaches in terms of blue crystal water and soft and white sand, well, the Cagban beach indeed offers you its own unique flavor of these natural beauties which is to be seen in order to be believed.

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