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What Are the Best Mexico Holidays?

This article summarises some highlights of Mexico that are great to visit. They consider those that avoid the main tourist sectors, offering something a little different but nonetheless still beautiful and scenic.

Places To See In And Around Darjeeling

Darjeeling; a stunning and ever-charming hill station has always been known for its tea and cute little toy train. At altitude of 2050 m, it’s at the foothills of Himalayas. For a summer holiday in India, it has always been a popular choice.

Day Tours From Toronto to Niagara Falls – An Affordable and Fun Travel Idea!

If you’re looking for a fun, affordable and quick excursion to take when you’re visiting Toronto, consider heading on a short drive southwest to Niagara Falls. This famous region is known around the world not only for its amazing natural wonder of the Falls themselves, but also for its extensive wineries, historic towns and exhilarating rides and attractions that the whole family will love!

Tracking Birds and Mammals in Argentina’s North-East

This article summarises some of the features you could enjoy on a trip to track birds and mammals in Argentina’s north east. Stay in as luxurious lodge as you wish, see the Iguazu Falls, and spend time spotting wildlife.

Must See Places in Burma

This article highlights some of the best spots to visit in Burma, that are away from the main tourist traps. Read on to discover some of the places that may appeal to you for your trip to Burma.

Unique Must-Do Experiences in Sri Lanka

This article pinpoints some of the key experiences to enjoy whilst on holiday in Sri Lanka. With so many incredible sights, there really is something for everybody.

Cornwall’s Own ‘Misty Mountain’: Carn Brea

This Misty Mountain is not the Brigadoon of legend, emerging from the fog only once every 100 years, but it has been compared to that mystical land due to its fantastical appearance and the many stories associated with it. Notably, it has been cited as proof for the existence of giants, in particular a character named Bolster, who could stand with one foot on the hill and the other on top of St. Agnes Beacon 10 miles away. This is not surprising, given the size of the tors on Carn Brea. You can’t help but speculate how they came to be there, and the factual description of the area’s history and prehistory only adds to the mystery.

Three Distinct Sections of Florida Makes a Diverse State

Florida is one of the fastest growing states, and much of that of course has to do with weather. The state of Florida has long been a haven for retirees and vacationers who were trying to get a break from winter weather in the north. But many people just don’t understand the great diversity in the state. You could make the case that you could divide Florida into three separate states: northern, central and southern.

Enjoy Fraser Island’s Marine Life

Apart from being a ‘World Heritage’ listed region, Fraser Island is also the biggest sand island in the world. It’s of no wonder that people from all over the world visit this famous destination. From the moment you leave the marvellous land of Hervey Bay and begin your trip to Fraser Island, you definitely know you’re in for a treat.

The Enchanting, Alluring, Captivating Beauty of Goa – Its Beaches

Goa, rightly nicknamed as the ‘Pearl of the Orient’ is one destination that captivates one with its mesmerizing beauty. The Goan beaches, each with a distinct note of its own, make the land all the more varied; all the more unique set apart from the rest of the world with a beauty that’ll make you linger in Goa for indefinite days drinking its beauty to the lees!

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