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Top Attractions of Chennai – The Cultural Capital of South India

Chennai, the gateway to the South India is known for its attractive allures across the world. Here is a rundown of the top attractions of this city for the holidaymakers who have bought flights tickets for holidays in the culturally rich city of India.

How Much Do Tickets Cost to Hawaii?

How much do airline tickets cost to Hawaii? Well this depends on 3 factors: where you are flying from, and when you are flying, and when you book your tickets.

What Is New Zealand Weather Like?

Located in the South Pacific Ocean, to the southeast of Australia, New Zealand is geographically positioned in both the southern and eastern hemispheres. So what is New Zealand weather like? It has four distinct seasons, but overall it can be best described as temperate. New Zealand comprises two islands, the North Island and South Island, and is completely surrounded by the Tasman Sea and the Pacific Ocean. Because it is a small country which is generally no more than 200 kms across its width, the climate is very-much influenced by the sea.

The Karpaz Peninsula, North Cyprus

One of the least populated areas in any Mediterranean region, the Karpaz Peninsula is a mystical and magical place, teeming with rare wildlife and with an atmosphere of tranquillity that is incredible. Worth a holiday all of its own, a visit here as part of a North Cyprus stay is almost a must!

Things to See and Do on a Family Weekend Break in North-East England

Some great days out can be had in the North East, as well as some excellent shopping! Here are a few of the best, and most historical sites, as well as two of the most contemporary.

A Look at Colombo’s Accommodation Options

Colombo has long been the preferred holiday hotspot. The huge influx of tourists into the city has led to the rise of a variety of accommodation options in Colombo, offering alternatives to everyone booking tickets on flights to the destination.

Tallahassee Has Prime Spot Among Nightly Hot Spots

Many people all over, especially in Florida make the decision to visit Tallahassee, Florida for its historical sites and college tours and end up falling in love with the way the town feels and looks enough to make arrangements to live here for college or make a career change. Although Tallahassee is a small town, there are many things to do at any time of day or night for every budget and personality. Here’s a list of nightly hot spots to visit in Tallahassee guaranteed to make your trip worthwhile.

Timing Is Crucial With A Cuban Holiday

One of the biggest reasons people have for going abroad on holiday is the fact that they want to experience better weather. When all you see is rain and grey skies, it is easy to be transfixed by the endless blue skies and days of sunshine that is available all around the world.

Planning For Tropical Vacations

If the idea of lazing on a sandy beach all day long, catching up with their historical and cultural values, paddling on endless attractions, activities or enjoying distinctive culinary food in one of the luxurious resorts is beckoning you towards a tropical island, then be sure to get prepared well in advance to abstract the most out of these heavenly places. Countless tropical places in the world will let you relax on a palm-dotted beach while gazing at crystal clear water and soaking up the sun. These locations have something extra-special that attracts repeat visitors and is also the hub…

San Francisco Attractions: Navigating the City by the Bay

For what ever reason you visit, San Francisco attractions that entertain, educate and enlighten will compete for your attention. Entering San Francisco from the north we actually get to cross Golden Gate Bridge. It’s an iconic landmark that has come to represent the City by the Bay.

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