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Fun Facts About Oktoberfest in Munich, Germany

One of my most enduring memories for me of visiting Europe was a couple of years ago attending Oktoberfest in Munich. Its roots go back to over two centuries when the citizens of Munich in 1810 were invited to the marriage festivities of the Bavarian Crown Prince Ludwig. Forty thousand people at that time celebrated for over five days and it grew from there.

A Guide to Planning a Michigan Vacation

When planning a Michigan vacation, you might want to know what to expect and when to expect it. You might also need a little help deciding on places to visit.

Top 5 Family Holidays Destinations in the Maldives

The Republic of Maldives is a series of islands that is located approximately 470 miles southwest of Sri Lanka. It sits in the Laccadive Sea and is a paradise for visitors from all over the world. The chain of islands has a variety of family holiday destinations to choose from, but there are five that stand out from the rest. When you are planning your next family vacation to an island getaway, consider one of these resorts of the Maldive Islands.

Historic Attractions Not to Miss in the Maldives

There’s nothing quite like a trip to the Maldives. When we think of a vacation on the islands, white sand, turquoise seas and palm trees pop into our minds. Sometimes the historic sites of this island nation get lost in the diving specials and beach resorts, but here are six historic sites you won’t want to miss.

Grand Canyon Helicopters – Autumn’s a Great Time to Fly!

This is the time of year that’s best to visit Grand Canyon National Park. And of the many ways to do it, helicopters are the best. Learn which is right for you. Read this article.

4 Ways to Get Active During a Queenstown Holiday

The unique natural surroundings and the excellent facilities enable Queenstown holiday makers to enjoy a wide variety of activities which involve exercise. You will certainly not resist the temptation to explore the local mountains, valleys, lakes, rivers and other attractions even if you are not particularly active at home. The clean air and the remarkably beautiful scenery will inspire you. Consider some of the most popular tourist activities which you can enjoy during your stay.

Choosing Queenstown Accommodation Based on Location

As a four-season resort, Queenstown in New Zealand offers a wide range of attractions from skiing and adventure sports to spa treatments and wine sampling. It has a great variety of accommodation options as well. You can pick from hotels, motels, self-catered apartments and houses, bed and breakfast places and backpacker’s lodges. When selecting Queenstown accommodation, you should definitely base your decision on location as well as on amenities. Take a closer look at the main options.

Exploring the Local Area During a Queenstown Holiday

There is a lot to see and do during your Queenstown holiday. The resort town offers virtually everything from outdoor activities and adventure sports to fine shopping, dining and spa treatments. If you are an adventurer and you want to explore the greater local area in more detail, you should consider the following popular places.

Children and Your Annual Holidays

Our children can sometimes be one of the greatest joys AND challenges of our annual holiday. So, if you have children in that age range it might be sensible to choose a resort that has a little more buzz and vitality about it even if you yourself are at an age where you are long past such considerations!

Mountain Retreats, Beaches, or Big Cities – How to Pick the Right Vacation Experience

With the end of the year and the holidays right around the corner, you may find yourself with lots of available time you need to take off from work. Since the cost of travel is falling rapidly, your choice of destination is limitless. Whether you want to spend your time on the slopes at a mountain retreat, or sipping Mai-Tais on the beach. This means that your ultimate choice will likely depend on the interests and inclinations of your travel companions. Here is your guide to picking the right vacation experience.

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