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Top Hill Station Holiday Destinations in Kerala

The state of Kerala in India has been a major factor driving the sales of air tickets to the country throughout the year. Blessed with a diverse landscape, Kerala showcases numerous hill stations that provide many mountain getaways to foreign tourists.

Local Knowledge Provides the Best Way to Experience St. Lucia

The best way to get to know St. Lucia intimately is not to follow the guide book but to acquaint yourself with the locals who can regal you with the true life of the island. St. Lucia airport transfer drivers are the ideal starting point.

Tulum Mexico Offers Ideal Vacations for All

Tulum, Mexico, already a favorite spot for many vacationers, has recently added another feather in its cap when it has been recognized as one of the best places worldwide for offering a marvelous view of the sunset. Other places offering a similar splendid view include Angkor Wat Siem Reap, Cambodia and Svalbard, Norway. Tulum, positioned at the Caribbean coast of Mexico, is famous for its rich cultural heritage and archeological finds.

Madrid: The World Capital of Art

Do you love to travel? Do you have the passion for the arts? Would it be nice if you can have these both at the same time? Perhaps you can consider having a vacation at Spain particularly in Madrid. Madrid, the largest city in Spain and its capital city is dubbed as the World Center of Art. A city which is not only rich in culture and history, Madrid is home to the great art museums and art galleries where you can find priceless works of arts of famous artists.

Scenic Destinations From Coorg Tourism

The main feature of Coorg Tourism is its scenic beauty and wonderful natural surroundings. There are many places to visit in Coorg where this splendid beauty is on display.

The Basics of a Successful Vacation in St. Lucia

There’s great benefit to spending a week or fortnight lounging on the glorious beaches of St. Lucia, sipping cocktails and getting a tan. But there is so much more to St. Lucia than stunning beaches. Taking the time to think ahead with pre-booking St. Lucia airport transfers and researching real St. Lucia tours will make all the difference to enjoying a successful and memorable vacation on one of the most beautiful Caribbean islands.

Destinations to Cover in Your Switzerland Holiday Package!

International vacations are fun because they allow you to have a new experience. People bored of holidaying in their own country and looking for a change can explore an altogether different country. One should always keep on experimenting with various holiday destinations.

If You Ever Get to Valencia

The beauty of the beaches, the warmth of the tropics, the enchanting architectural structures, the beautiful people and the rich cultural heritage, all these define the City of Valencia Spain. The city of Valencia lies along the banks of the Turia River on the Eastern Coast of the Iberian Peninsula and the western part of the Mediterranean Sea of Spain. It is home to more or less 800,000 people, all with various customs and traditions.

Top Destinations in Vietnam

The S-shaped country is known for its war-stricken history born by the Chinese settlers, the French, and finally, the great Vietnam War that involved the US military force. All that experience moulded the modern-day Vietnam with deeply-rooted Chinese traditions mixed with French influence and a hint of westernization.

Endangered Species of Meteora – The Return of the Neophrons

The Egyptian vulture is a globally endangered species, included in the Red List as “Endangered”. Its global population estimated between 30.000 to 60.000 individuals with a steady negative tendency.

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