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Traveling to Goa? Here’s How to Get the Best Out of Your Tour Package

Every year, several thousand international tourists land on Indian shores and end up getting fleeced by local tour operators. This article teaches tips and tricks on negotiating with Indian tour operators when booking a trip to India.

Happy Hours: Fairs and Festivals of Rajasthan

India, is a land of cultures, traditions and festivals. Rajasthan is the perfect reflection of that. With numerous fairs and festivals taking place round the calendar year, the spirit of celebration lifts one off their feet and makes them feel a part of the jubilations. One must plan their Rajasthan Tours keeping a tab on the fairs and festivals taking place in the state.

Indian Travel Protection Through A Simple Vaccination

If you are a cable television viewer you’ve noticed how much air time there has been lately regarding ancient aliens, lost archeology and UFOs. One does not have to be a convert to be swept up in the wonder of it all. Many of the things discussed on these types of programs are quite interesting. Many of the places they visit-and the texts that they quote from-are from the humongouscountry of India. On this land mass lies thousands of years of crumbling civilizations, breathtaking stone monuments and unique philosophies. India is definitely a great country to travel to if you have any interest in the history of the world-whether you agree with the prevailing theories or not! Like any other far off country, we Americans would be best off if we visit a certified travel clinic before we begin our journey. These facilities can offer much in the way of common sense protection and even more importantly-protection through vaccination.

The Seven Coloured Earths of Chamarel

Have you eagerly waited for the rainbow after the showers, peered at the sky for just one glimpse of that spectral magic? Well, in Chamarel the magic unfolds on the ground where sands of different colours give the place its name – The seven coloured Earths.

Grand Canyon Rafting: 1-Day Tours

Want a rafting tour that takes just a day? Try a South Rim or West Rim float tour. These no-rapids trips are full of scenic gems and fun for travelers of all ages.

Top Five Beach Destinations in Vietnam for a Sun-Soaked Summer Holidays

With more than 3400km of coastline, Vietnam’s idyllic tropical beaches have long been a favorite amongst locals and international travelers. In recent years, the beaches in the country’s central and south coast have become top destinations for summer holidays.

Enjoy the Splendor of Amsterdam

The city has a lot to offer than its vibrant nightlife. The history and culture that flow through the city make spending a vacation here worthwhile.

Nairobi, Amboseli and the Masai Mara

Deciding to travel in East Africa can be a bit daunting, so here’s the story of two people’s experience to show you what sort of holiday you can expect. Tom and Chris travelled from Nairobi to Amboseli National Park and onwards to the Masai Mara Game Reserve.

Explore The Land Of Rising Sun – Arunachal Pradesh

Nestled away in the far North East India, bordering with international border i.e. China in the north, Bhutan in the west and Myanmar in the east is the Arunachal Pradesh- the Land of Rising Sun. It is a tourist’s paradise.

Planning A Romantic Trip For You And You Honey? Here Are Some Tips To Keep In Mind

With Valentine’s Day just around the corner, a romantic getaway is the perfect gift for you and your husband, wife, boyfriend or girlfriend. It gives you the perfect opportunity to spend time alone with each other which can either make or break the relationship. Hopefully the trip away will benefit the relationship. Here are some tips to remember for Valentine’s Day weekend getaways for 2013 to ensure that you and your honey have a great time on the getaway.

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