Charlie Puth Performs ‘See You Again’ | Global Citizen Festival: NYC

Why Medical Tourists Are Coming to the Philippines for Their Surgery

Are you considering to go abroad for your breast augmentation, liposuction, etc? Consider the Philippines as one of your destination.

The Real Africa They Don’t Show You

Africa is a huge continent that has attracted throughout the years a lot of attention through curiosity and beauty to its variety of wildlife. However apart from this the continent has also received its share of criticism and has been usually portrayed in the media as a continent full of disease and war, with apparently only wild animals. Which was also my perception as I had not seen anything else, but the image the media portrayed of it.

Busch Gardens Tampa Overview – A Brief Park History and Info About Tickets, Attractions and Rides

There is no limit to the fun tourists can have in Tampa Bay – especially when it comes to Busch Gardens. This theme park is the home of some of the most amazing and exotic animals in the world. It first opened in 1959 as a hospitality facility for the Anheuser Busch Corporation. In those days, they did a lot of beer taste-testing. In time, it turned into a theme park and became known as Busch Gardens Tampa.

A Lesson Learned in Ireland: Beware of the “Fecking Squirrels” in the Grand Canyon

Ireland has some of the most friendly people I have encountered during my travels; and they really enjoy chatting it up. My advice to anyone traveling in Ireland is to strike up a conversation with the locals. To get the conversation going, all you need to do is ask a simple question, because you are sure to get more than just a simple answer. Often, you will receive a warm and friendly conversation that makes you feel as though you are speaking to a long lost family member.

Inexpensive Destinations in Thailand

Thailand is flocked by tourists from its neighboring countries and even from as far as Europe because of its rich and unique culture. Here are some suggestions on the things that tourists can enjoy in Thailand.

Top 10 Sightseeing Places Of Istanbul

Let’s begin our top list for Istanbul’s Best Places to Visit: 1. SULTANAHMET – The first hill where Istanbul was established on. Sultanahmet Mosque, Hagai Sophia, Haseki Hurrem Turkish Bath, Hippodrome are the first places to visit.

Souvenirs From Europe

Have you ever been on a holiday and at a loss for ideas on what to take home for friends and family? Or maybe a souvenir for the showcase. Something indigenous and magnificent to commemorate a fantastic trip, not a kitschy t-shirt or keychain.

Facts You Need To Know About Grand Canyon Helicopters

Helicopter tours to the Grand Canyon are the most thrilling way to experience the National Park. However, before you make that booking, here are a few facts you need to know…

The Many and Varied Uses of the Humble Smart Phone Whilst Traveling

The humble smart phone can be put to great use when traveling. Use its camera to document important information, such as important phone numbers, and maps. Also, use the phone’s notepad application and save yourself having to carry a pen and paper ever again. Lastly, download the latest travel apps on your phone and be rid of the bulky travel guide.

The Beauty of Netherlands: Cultural and Natural Beauty of a Lowly Placed Land

Netherlands is one of the most beautiful countries in the world to visit. There are a large number of things to see in this little country. Travelling to this country is a dream of most of the people in the world. So what are the beautiful things that we can see here and how can we enjoy in Netherlands?

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