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Basic Haitian Creole

Because of the earthquakes in Haiti in the last few years, and the devastation to the economy and infrastructure, Haiti isn’t very attractive for tourists. In fact, safety has become a serious concern there. But, if you decide to visit Haiti, you will love the people. Here are some basic conversational tips for your visit.

The Most Beautiful Villages on the Costa Del Sol

Andalucia has many beautiful villages and small towns. The Costa del Sol is not known as a location that has the authentic Spanish experience to offer but that is not entirely true. The region has many historically significant, completely authentic villages where one can enjoy the rich culture and cuisine. Mijas, Istan, Casares, Gaucin and Benahavis all have their own charm and are only a small selection of the beautiful villages the Costa del Sol has to offer.

Athens International Airport: Traveler’s Information

Every airport has its own story. Being the first place when arriving in a city (Athens), it is important feeling welcome and comfortable. Athens International Airport operates for more than ten years and it seems that it has won all the bets as being one among the safest and most functional airports in Europe. Let’s have a closer look and discover its inspiring and tempting secrets.

Demystifying the Top 3 Stereotypes of Russian People

When traveling to Russia you should be aware of these 3 top myths about Russian people. Being aware of them is not only crucial to avoid prejudices but also to get close to Russians and succeed at making new friends.

Top US Holiday Destinations

With so many diverse cities, each having its own charisma, the US is one of the most sought after tourist destinations across the globe. Choosing top holiday destinations in the USA is a difficult task since all the states boast of many attractions. Read on to know the best holiday destinations in this country.

Five Fascinating Attractions of the Languedoc-Roussillon Region of the South of France

If you like the idea of escaping the British weather to enjoy the sunshine in the South of France, you’d have a wonderful time in Ille-Sur-Tet in the Languedoc-Roussillon region. Here are a few ideas of the fabulous things you could get up to if you decide to visit Ille-Sur-Tet.

What’s New at Walt Disney World 2014

In a typical year Walt Disney World will have quite a few new things to show off. This year will be no different, as you will notice new construction going on, and most of it on a large scale. One of the things I really like about Disney World in Orlando is there will always be the old familiar favorites that make you feel like, as they all say, “welcome home”, but there is always something new to check out. Here are three major additions that are soon to be unveiled…

A School Tour to Explore the Outdoor Art of Bilbao

A school tour to the area of Bilbao will take students out of the city to explore the art. They’ll see the Oma Painted Forest and the Santimamine Caves.

Adventure, Romance, Gozo Has It All

Looking for new ideas for your next romantic getaway? If you love food, adventure, and romance, there may be no better place on the planet than Gozo! Read more…

Top 3 Marine Facilities of Fort Lauderdale

Fort Lauderdale is blessed with 165 miles of wonderful and navigable waterways, seven miles of which belongs to pristine beaches and ocean coasts. This is complemented with a great weather which is mostly sunny all throughout the year. Because of this condition, the city has become a top destination of tourists who loves to explore marine facilities.

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