Congresswoman Wagner Highlights Republican Support for Development at Global Citizen Festival.

Two of the Best Wine Making Regions in Australia – The Barossa Valley and Margaret River

Australia produces a huge range of excellent quality wines in a number of different areas around the nation. The Margaret River and Barossa Valley regions are two of the best wine making regions in Australia to visit.

Smooth-Water Rafting Trips Are A Grand Canyon Must-Do

Ready for a truly refreshing way to see the Grand Canyon? Take a 1-day float tour. These adventures go down the smooth part of the Colorado River and let experience the National Park in ways you never imagined.

A New Zealand Campervan Holiday – An Experience To Remember For A Long Time

If you are planning for a New Zealand campervan or motorhome holiday, get some real first hand information to ensure that you will have a wonderful vacation in beautiful New Zealand. New Zealand is the ideal destination to visit by motorhome!

Try a Grand Canyon Helicopter Tour While Visiting Las Vegas

Next time you’re in Las Vegas, consider taking a Grand Canyon helicopter tour. There are aerial and landing tours from which to choose, and because it’s Vegas, the rates are super competitive.

To Santo Domingo From Punta Cana by Bus With Bavaro Express

A small guide on the best way to move from Punta Cana to Santo Domingo by using the Bavaro Expreso service, currently the only service available that provides a direct connection between the 2 cities. Prices, timing, where to leave and other useful tips to help you enjoying the trip.

A Day In The Life Of a Jaguar

Those planning to go on a Jaguar safari might wish to learn more about South America’s top jungle cat before going. Here is glimpse into its daily life.

Ten Things You Should Know About Phuket!

Are you thinking of going on holiday to Phuket, Thailand? Here are ten things that will be useful to know.

Cowgirl Creamery Tours in Sonoma County

Bring on the Cow! Bring on the Cheese! Now here is something I’ve been craving to do for some time now.

Hall of Supreme Harmony: The Highest Class Palace in The Forbidden City

The Hall of Supreme Harmony was built in the Ming Dynasty and it is was in ruins at the end of the Ming dynasty. The hall has received its present name after it was built in the years of Qing Emperor Shunzhi. In 1669, it was renovated and later, large scale reconstruction was done in 1695.

My 10 Months in China With Middle Kingdom Teachers

I did not know what to expect when my roommate convinced me to come to China about 6 months before I was in the airport on my way to Changsha, Hunan. I don’t think anything would have prepared me for the life I currently live here in China. Coughing from the peppery smog that nearly blinds you, I struggle to make it through the flowing current I am going against from the oncoming barrage of people.

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