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Visiting the South Island of New Zealand

The South Island of New Zealand has incredibly varied scenery and landscapes and has a huge range of activities and sights to see. Here are some tips on some of the must see places on the South Island.

Flamingo Land – Useful Information

If you are planning on visiting Flamingo Land in the near future hopefully the below information will come in useful. Park Opening: The season normally starts March or April (it really seems to depend when Easter falls), the season normally ends the end of October or beginning on November.

Top 10 Paintings at the National Portrait Gallery London

The National Portrait Gallery is one of the most underestimated galleries in London. This article provides a guide for visitors on how to discover and make the most of this hidden gem.

A Visit to Aberdeen

Aberdeen or Aberdeenshire is one of the most inhabited of the Scottish Towns. People who come to visit Scotland must visit this historic city to have a toast of vintage features reflecting Gaelic culture.

Coach Hire – Get To Know Some Information

When a person wishes to transport a large group of people from one place to another, irrespective of whether taking them to his family function or for a corporate event, the best option available for him is to contact a firm offering coach hire service. This type of service can be used not only for taking people to some events, but they can be hired for sightseeing and airport transfers as well. When a corporate firm is conducting some parties for their clients and requesting them to reach the destination via the transportation facility arranged by the firm, this corporate…

Where to Go and What to Do on Nights Out in London

A summer expedition to London is an amazing and great experience. The prime and most luxurious city in Europe has got lots of fun for all types of visitors from diversified races and nationalities. An addictive aura complemented with great dietary and liquors is ensured for anybody who wants a ‘honey-moon’ experience.

Where to Go This Christmas?

Annually, the arrival of the holidays is highly anticipated for it is that season of the year where we can spend some quality time with our loved ones. A table full of delicious food is shared by the family around the table while having a few laughs is a common tradition. But as the years past, traditions evolve and preferences change. Although the holiday cheer has not really changed that much, some people just want to go out of the common traditions. So when the holidays arrive they plan to spend Christmas with their family someplace else. Of course one has to make sure that their finances can handle it. So here are some places to best spend Christmas with the family.

Reviewing Tours Going From Las Vegas To The Grand Canyon

There are many ways to get to the Grand Canyon from Las Vegas, NV, the top options being helicopter, airplane and bus. Which is the right choice for you? This article explains.

Bukit Bintang, Kuala Lumpur: 3 Things To Do When You Visit The Area

Bukit Bintang is world famous for being a shopping mecca. But that is not the only thing that you can do here.

Top Destinations to Take the Kids to in Wellington

If you are planning a trip to Wellington for your next family holiday, you’re probably already thinking about ways to keep the kids entertained during your stay. We all know how great travelling can be, but without enough activities organised to keep the little ones busy it can be a bit frustrating to say the least! Fortunately, Wellington is full of great attractions suitable for the whole family – read on for a few of the top places to take the kids in New Zealand’s capital and you can make sure everyone enjoys their time away.

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