Ekiti State Government Commits to Environmental Protection

5 Best Cultural Events in Penang

Penang boasts some famous events every year. These festivals offer visitors to witness various challenging activities and engage into novelty items shopping.

Kerala Tours – Important Tourist Destinations

Kerala is one of the favorite tourist destinations in India. It is famed as the God’s Own Country due to its amazing beauty of nature and serene surroundings. Honeymooners, nature lovers, wildlife enthusiasts, and many other tourists from all over the world visit Kerala every year.

Official Alert: A Country Where Happiness Is More Important Than Wealth!

Bhutan suddenly shot to fame with the famous speech by their Prime Minister claiming that Bhutan is not only Carbon neutral, but Carbon negative. A time when our dear planet has sunk itself in tonnes of pollution, Bhutan is literally a breath of fresh air!

Smart Tips About How To Plan A Vacation In Spain

Looking for some tips about how to plan a vacation in Spain? This article will help you about planning your trip to the Land of the Siesta. If you want to enjoy a more laid back kind of life, Spain could the best destination on your next vacation.

The Perfect Hawaiian Date

Hawaii is the most recent state of the United States after it received its statehood on August 21, 1959. It is the only state located in Oceania and is composed of only islands. It is also the only state that is not situated in the Americas and it also does not observe daylight saving time. Due to its enticing and arresting beauty, it is also known as “Paradise of the Pacific”.

Romancing in the Rains!

The wedding celebrations are finally over. And, now it is time for your honeymoon. But wait! Monsoon season is coming!

Growth of Domestic Tourism in India

India has traditionally been the most sought after destination in the world for the holiday revellers across the globe. The main reason for this high popularity amongst the foreigners was the hospitality of people and the rich cultural diversity. However, the economic slowdown and recession has brought some breaks on the growth of this sector. However, there has been some growth in the domestic tourism due to the lowered room rates and discounts offered by hotels, resorts and airlines. This has been revealed in a latest paper on domestic tourism by ASSOCHAM.

Croatia, Your Wise And Safe Holiday Destination

Dreaming of a safe and relaxed holiday in one of the world’s most premiere destinations? Look no further, Croatia has everything, one could want. This small country is a wise holiday destination, where nothing is missing, sea, mountains, art, friendly people and good food.

Get Your Energies Together For Cycling Through The Indian Wonders

If you wish to be different from the conventional tourist, perhaps nature and the grand outdoors attract you. Camping under the stars, hiking across the desert landscape or mountain biking full steam could be some rigorous possibilities. If sustained cycling in India is your intention for a week perhaps, it is certain that you possess what it takes. A strong physique is certainly a prerequisite and the spirit of adventure, a willingness to take risks in the remoteness and a passion for romance!

5 Ideas for A Last Minute Family Vacation Destination

Today the stresses of our day to day life can be a lot to handle. While we worry about work, the kids, paying the mortgage, and everything else that goes into maintaining a home and family, we can forget about the things that are really important. We must take time to enjoy life, find some free moments to rest and recharge for ourselves and for the benefit of all those around us. Spending quality family time together is essential and vacations are the best way to guarantee quality and uninterrupted family time. If you have been thinking about a vacation but feel you can’t plan one with out adequate time and effort, think again! Here are 5 ideas for a last minute family vacation destination.

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