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Do New York

New York New York, you know the song. Well I intend to start spreading the news about one of the greatest cities on earth from an Australian perspective. This article will outline not only places and things to do in the Big Apple but also travel and safety tips that I trust will help visitors have as great a time as I did.

10 Most Beautiful Beaches in the Philippines

The Philippines is one of the best tourist destinations in South East Asia when it comes to tropical beaches. A huge volume of people from different countries visit the country because it is such an amazing place to spend your vacation in, especially during the summer. If you want to bask under the tropical sun and have a nice golden tan, then the Philippines is the right destination for you.

Five “Must Haves” for Your Next Trip Overseas

Here are five useful tips for your next trip overseas. Bring these five items with you on your next trip abroad to avoid hassles and enhance your experience.

East Coast Tour Packages: Travel With Ease

What if you could experience the most sought after attractions in the eastern U.S. in one fell swoop? Would you do it? We think you might. East coast tour packages by private plane are one of the leading tour experiences that offer multi-destination travel with ease. Sound like it might be out of your price range? It’s not. In fact, there east coast tour by private plane packages that include six day/five night seven stop tours on the east coast of the U.S.

How to Stay Safe at the ATM Abroad

Safety should be kept in mind while using ATMs abroad with the first requirement being keeping the ATM card to you only. Any kind of loss outside the hometown is not good, hence better safe than sorry. Other methods of fraud include card theft, skimming, cloning and swapping. Suffice to say vigilance is the key to staying safe while performing ATM transactions especially when abroad to avoid inconvenience.

Visit Gujarat – Among The Most Vibrant Of India’s States

Gujarat offers its visitors a myriad of culture, history and spiritualism and a holiday here is sure to enchant people of all ages and interests. With delicious food and unique festivals this is definitely a must visit place.

Travel Tips for an Educational, Fun and Safe Vacation in Costa Rica With Children

Costa Rica is a great destination to travel to with kids for a fun and meaningful vacation. The country is easily accessible from the United States, culturally interesting, and offers plenty of educational opportunities, with all the usual fun components inherent in a wide variety of activities and attractions, thanks to the abundance and diversity of flora and fauna. Costa Rica is a safe country to travel in, as long as parents are aware of some basic precautions to take, like what not to do while encountering wildlife or unfamiliar vegetation species.

Best Family Beaches in Orange County

For those who are interested in visiting Orange County, you will want to plan time to visit some of the best family beaches in the area. Regardless of whether you are searching for solitude or you want to spend time socializing with others, you are sure to find some of the best family beaches in Orange County to help meet your needs. Even though there are a number of different beaches along the highway, some of the best family beaches are outlined below for the Orange County area to help simplify the process for you.

8 Things You Must Not Do When In Bangkok

In this article, we shall give you a brief account of things which you should never do in Bangkok, Thailand. Through these tips, we intend to prepare you thoroughly for a Thai tour.

A Trip to Goa – A Great Way to Enjoy Vacation

For many people the first destination that strikes for vacation is Goa. Though by area Goa is the smallest state in India, when it comes to culture, beauty and fun then the size doesn’t actually matter.

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