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The First Chinese in Hawaii

Many, many years ago, the English mariners ruled the oceans of the earth. They traveled by ship to its most distant parts. They discovered most of the world as we know it today.

Where Summer Meets Perfect

Planning a perfect summer vacation with family or friends? Confused which way to go? Don’t be! Give rest to your body and soul, keep calm and try out La Pedrera.

Dubai, A Luxury Tourist Destination

Dubai, the city’s most developed emirate of the UAE has grown, thanks to its oil reserves. The city has benefited from its resources to develop with large investments in luxury hotels and tourist sites in futuristic.

The Trip to Viralimalai Wildlife Sanctuary

While Tiruchirapalli is a great city to visit and explore in itself, a trip to Viralimalai Wildlife Sanctuary should ideally be on your agenda of places to visit from here. Viralimalai Wildlife Sanctuary has been declared a heritage site, all the more reason to make a visit.

What to See in Montenegro?

Montenegro, a gorgeous country set in the southeast of Europe, is still not too popular and the best spots are not that easy to find. Make sure you read this before you head to Montenegro or you might miss out on some amazing places!

The Dome

The Dome as it is called and from which Dome Street got its name was constructed in 1837 over the creek, hence Creek Street, which supplied water to the Town of Montego Bay. The now 175 year old building served as living quarters for the ‘Keeper of Creek’ who was responsible for safeguarding this critical water supply.

Marvelous Examples of Mughal Architecture

Mughal architecture is a unique style developed by the Mughals in the sixteenth, seventeenth and eighteenth centuries. The decorative symmetrical styles seen in its gardens, forts, tombs, etc., have a great influence on the architecture of India, Afghanistan, Pakistan, and Bangladesh.

Xcaret Mexico Travel Guide

Xcaret is an idyllic location just south of the resort of Playa del Carmen on Mexico’s Riviera Maya and less than an hour from Cancun International Airport. All along the Riviera Maya around Xcaret there are luxury resorts, traditional Mexican villages and amazing white sandy beaches. The area offers luxury all-inclusive family accommodation with on-site restaurants, swimming pools, health spas, tennis courts, mini-golf, archery, shuffleboard and children’s clubs to name just a few amenities to make your travel deals to Mexico perfect. There are several golf courses in the area for golfers to enjoy.

Gap Year Programs

Here are some the different types of volunteering projects. What you will gain and give in return.

Grand Canyon Airplane – The South Rim Tour

The Grand Canyon’s South Rim is a magnificent place to see and experience. And there’s a lot of it. Like more than 1,000,000 acres! If you’re going to tackle this part of the National Park, I strongly recommend an airplane tour. This article explains.

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