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New Year and Northern Lights – Iceland Is the Place to Be!

Celebrate New Year in style and take a trip to witness the Northern Lights. Iceland knows how to ring in the New Year in style.

Meeting The Fascinating Sami People on Northern Lights Trips

Northern Lights trips are about more than experiencing the wonderful Aurora Borealis. You can also take the opportunity to meet the traditional Sami people.

Understanding the Fascinating Phenomenon of The Northern Lights

A Northern Lights Trip is the experience of a lifetime. It pays to understand a little about this natural phenomenon before you go.

12 Compelling Facts About Sedona, AZ

Thinking of visiting Sedona but aren’t completely sure? Get to know the city in Arizona a little better first. Whilst having an amazing natural beauty that beckons millions of tourists year-round, Sedona is also a spiritual place with a rich cultural history. While Sedona houses well-known places of attractions such as Tlaquepaque, the Red Rock State Park and several Verde Valley wineries, it isn’t much fun traveling around the inspiring city without knowing something more than the average tourist.

Spending Christmas and New Year Holidays in Maldives

The weather in Maldives is sultry, humid, and sunny. Although this unique country is a favourite year-round destination for honeymooners, families, and backpackers, December through April is the high season to visit this outstanding Asian beach destination. Celebrating Christmas and New Year at Maldives can be a great option for many travellers too.

Hostels in Paris and Other Tips to Travel Affordably

Don’t be daunted by the expense of travelling in Paris. Hostels in Paris, along with other money saving techniques, make the city your playground.

The Best Ways to Explore On Tuscany Holidays

What’s the best way to explore Tuscany? Holidays in this wonderful region can make use of many modes of travel.

Immersing in the Priceless Art of Florence and Siena

For the best of Italian art, there’s nowhere better than Tuscany. Holidays in the region give you access to some of the world’s best galleries and museums.

Hamamatsu City, Japan: Birthplace of Yamaha

I often wondered about Hamamatsu City in Shizuoka Prefecture as I watched it slip by during my bullet train rides from Tokyo to Osaka. A very good friend of mine is from Hamamatsu and would tell me about his father’s company.

Appreciating the Unique Appeal of Amsterdam

Amsterdam hostels open up the adventurous traveller to a truly unique destination. The city’s warm ambience is one of its most attractive features.

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