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Villas In Sicily – The Ancient Roman Version

Modern-day travel entrepreneurs were not the first to build villas in Sicily. In fact, many hark back to the days of the ancient Romans.

Must-See Natural Spots in Sicily

Nature enthusiasts renting villas in Sicily will not want to miss the natural spots mentioned in this article. There are plenty more, but this is a good start.

Visiting and Exploring Southern Tuscany

While staying in villas in Tuscany, visit some of southern Tuscany’s sights. You can see Etruscan tombs, a natural reserve and the Museo di Arte Sacra.

5 Local Sights of the Amalfi Coast

Historic Amalfi Coast villas, locally owned galleries and particularly beautiful places on the coast await visitors. Here are just some of the sights.

Discovering the History and Mystery of Pompeii

Staying in Amalfi Coast villas means visitors are well-positioned to visit the ruins of Pompeii. This ancient Roman city was buried by a volcanic eruption.

4 Sights Not to Miss in Eastern Tuscany

Staying in Tuscany villas gives visitors the opportunity to explore eastern Tuscany. The area is rich in high quality museums and religious sights.

Exploring Extraordinary Elba

When staying in one of the villas in Tuscany, Elba is an interesting island for an excursion. It is well-known for being Napoleon’s residence in exile.

4 Top Archaeological Sites to Visit in Sicily

When visiting Sicily, villas provide the finest opportunities for exploring the island. Four top archaeological sites show Sicel, Greek and Roman history.

3 Clear Advantages of Purchasing Annual Travel Insurance

Annual travel insurance makes a lot of sense in many situations. Here are three perks you can expect to enjoy when you invest in such a policy.

Holiday in September? The Amalfi Coast Is the Perfect Destination!

More and more people are choosing to take advantage of their holidays during the month of September. There are many reasons, first of all the costs, that during the ninth month of the year are definitely more affordable than in the high season like in July or August. Let’s see the other reasons that gives to the “divine” Amalfi Coast a better shape during this month.

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