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Dolphin Watching in Baja California

Dolphin watching is at the top of many a wildlife lover’s list of things to do. Baja California offers the wildlife enthusiast a classic dolphin experience.

L’Escala – Ideal for Fun Filled School Tours

School tours can focus on any subject, but for a less academic focused tour why not consider water sports in Spain? L’Escala is the ideal destination.

Discover Morocco’s Spectacular Geography on a School Tour

Geography students on a school tour to Morocco will have endless opportunity for study. This fascinating country has geographical diversity in abundance.

Exploring the Artistic Side of London on a School Tour

Take an art based school tour to London and your students will return home inspired and enthused. This city has plenty to offer the art enthusiast.

Taking History Students on a School Tour to Rome

A school tour to Rome with a focus on history will not disappoint. This fascinating city has a long history just waiting to be explored by young historians.

Investigating the Geography of Andalucia on a School Tour

Geography students on a school tour to Andaluci­a have so much scope for academic learning. This diverse region is full of exciting places to discover.

An Outdoor Focused School Tour to Morzine

Looking for a school tour that encourages social skill development and team building? Morzine, with its outdoor activity focused agenda is ideal.

Aurora Forecast Makes Seeing the Iceland Northern Lights Easier

There is nothing worse than going to see the Iceland Northern Lights and then the sky remaining painfully clear. Hence, a frequently asked question is when and how you can see this phenomenon. Thanks to the Icelandic Met Office’s Aurora Forecast, you can now more easily embark on your own Northern Lights hunting expedition.

The Famous Iceland Northern Lights Are Not the Only Attractions

Looking for holiday activities in Iceland? Northern Lights sightings are just one of the many stunning options in south Iceland.

Enjoy Stunning Landmarks Alongside the Northern Lights in Iceland

Heading for the Northern Lights? Iceland is an ideal location and offers you a basket of other amazing natural phenomena when you explore the Golden Circle.

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