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Indian Shame in Turkey

On a recent trip to Istanbul, we were faced with a moment of shame when we were asked if it was safe to travel to travel alone to India. A moment of reflection for all Indians, who need to examine the status of safety of their female citizens.

A Look at the Scenic Rail Rides for Holidaymakers to India

Tourists are always keen to board trains in India. This is not only a mode of transport for them but it also allows them to unravel the country’s beautiful landscape, which is usually the biggest trigger for most who book tickets on flights to the nation.

Top Lures for Ocean Lovers Taking Sailing Holidays in Mauritius

The incredibly scenic nation of Mauritius is surrounded by the azure waters of the Indian Ocean and its lush green isles are a staple for any ocean lover reserving air tickets to the country. Following are the best attractions of a sailing trip in Mauritius.

Options Available for Amazon Jungle Tours

If your trip to the rain forest will also be coupled with Galapagos trips, then you will have to travel through Ecuador. You can also go to the rain forest, but it is not advisable to go independently without a guide or a group of people.

5 Things to Do While Holidaying in San Diego

If you are visiting San Diego for the first time, you will love it! Loaded with fun attractions and unadulterated excitement, San Diego is certainly a place in the US for fun and holiday.

Most Visited Countries Around the World – Part 1

Every person who is interested in travelling must have, at least once, wondered about World’s Most Visited Countries. Every year, the UNWTO (United Nations World Tourism Organization) compiles a list of World Tourism Rankings as part of their World Tourism Barometer publication.

Experience a Great Vacation in Newport Beach, California

Newport Beach, California is a place in southern California where many spend great vacations. There is nearly everything you could imagine from swimming, rollerblading, surfing, fun parks, ocean boating, and much more. Whatever your desire you will undoubtedly find it in Newport Beach, and a wide variety of accommodations to meet your budget and desires.

SeaWorld Orlando Guide to a Family Vacation – Info on Shows, Attractions, Rides, and Tickets

If you’re looking for a good place for a family vacation, why not head to SeaWorld Orlando? It has roller coasters, shows, tours, rides, sea animals, and much more. It’s one of the most popular destinations in Florida. Whether you’re interested in dolphins and whales or entertaining shows such as One Ocean, you’ll find plenty of fun attractions.

Slum Tours: Good or Bad?

Slum tourism, as the name suggests, involves visiting impoverished areas or slums in developing countries. There are positive and negative effects of slum tourism and this article will discuss both. Slum tours can provide opportunities for the local economy to benefit, but you should ask plenty of questions of your tour operator to ensure they are ethical and responsible in their conduct of the tours.

Singapore Tips For The First Time Visitor

Singapore has always had an exotic reputation, but is the modern Singapore quite what it used to be. Is it now a city of skyscrapers and has it lost it’s mystic charm? That is the question this article sets out to address.

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