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Our Four Favorite British Virgin Islands

More than 60 islands make up the British Virgin Islands, but 5 islands stand out for different reasons. Tortola, Jost Van Dkye, Norman Island, Virgin Gorda and Anegada may be part of the same British Virgin Island chain, but the experience on each one is totally different and very memorable.

Top 5 Snorkel Sites in the USVI

If you’re looking for exceptional snorkeling, the United States Virgin Islands is your ideal destination. The islands offer excellent underwater visibility and tropical warm waters combined with each site’s unique terrain that are bursting with aquatic life. Start planning your perfect snorkeling adventures in island paradise today!

Five Largest Mosques of the World

Mosques are holy places for Muslims where they worship. Here is a list of five largest mosques of the world.

Go Online for Deals on Grand Canyon Helicopters

The time is now to take a helicopter tour over the Grand Canyon. Indeed, these flights have a tendency to be pricey. However, there’s an abundance of deals online, and this article shares how to find them.

Seeing the Grand Canyon by Airplane Has Plenty of Advantages

Looking for a great way to sample the Grand Canyon? Take an airplane tour. These flights are fast, efficient and, most importantly, priced right. Read this article for details.

Holiday in Aegean Islands

Economic crisis notwithstanding tourism in Greece continues to flourish. It is not just Athens that attracts the tourists. The Aegean islands are equally popular with the people who want to soak up the sun and indulge in a range of outdoor activities. Chios, Ikaria, Lesvos (Mytilene), Limnos, Thassos and Samos together make up the Aegean Islands. As the name suggests, these islands are located in the Aegean Sea. Each of the islands has something unique to offer but they do have some common characteristics. For one, all of them have mountainous landscapes and deep forests decorated with gushing streams and pine trees.

Celebrating Christmas in Kenya

How are you celebrating Christmas this year? Find out how a typical Kenyan family will be enjoying their festive season.

Things Gay Travellers Must Do Before Booking Gay Hotels

More and more people around the world are becoming tolerant and accepting of gay and lesbian relationships in society. A few progressive countries, such as the Netherlands, Spain, Canada and South Africa, have already legalized marriage among members of this group; the US, one of the most culturally influential countries in the world, has even started taking steps to recognize the rights of members of the LGBT community. However, despite the increasing acceptance towards gays, there are still some places in the world where homosexuality is largely frowned upon or even punishable by law.

Discover The Sub Antarctic Islands

A polar expedition is a unique choice of holiday for any budding wildlife enthusiast. Read on to see what you can expect of a polar expedition.

Chamonix – A Resort in the Shadow of Mont Blanc

Airport transfers from Geneva to Chamonix have been the start of many great holidays. Here is what awaits you in this lovely resort.

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