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Devprayag: A Wonderful Place To Visit

This article is based on Devprayag. It is one of the best tourist spots in the Indian subcontinent.

To Konstanz, Germany – Both Under & Over the Alps

Our “ultimate European road trip”, started in Stuttgart, Germany after we picked up our brand-new Porsche Macan S from the factory, now heads north from Lake Lugano (Italy/Switzerland) back to Germany, at Lake Konstanz. The lake has many attractions, but the two most important to us was that the city of Konstanz is an excellent jumping off point for the final leg of our journey, and the city of Friedrichshafen is the birthplace of the Zeppelin airship as well as the base camp for Zeppelin sightseeing tours. The adventure continues with planes, trains, automobiles and now a Zeppelin!

Bordighera: Gardens Of Villa Hanbury

In Bordighera, the Gardens of Villa Hanbury created by Thomas Hanbury (a Londoner who made his fortune in Shanghai and fell in love with this part of the coast and its truly unique climate), sweep across the promontory of Mortola just a stone’s throw from the hamlet of Latte di Ventimiglia. Their wholly strategic position is enhanced by the exceptionally varied panoramas set amidst lush green vegetation.

Taj Mahal

The Taj Mahal, an epitome of love, in Agra is among the Seven Wonders of the World. The ambience around the beautiful edifice reverberates about the story of the inseparable companionship of Shah Jahan and his beloved wife. Standing magnificently at the bank of Yamuna River this symbol of love has been enticing couples from around the world from ages.

Southwest National Parks Are Explored At Your Own Risk

There are risks associated with travel to our National Parks. These areas have little access to facilities and resources designed to keep visitors safe. In many cases it is a good idea to participate in a guided tour as opposed to exploring on your own.

Explore Heritage Forts in Rajasthan Tours

Some people call it princely states, some of them call it Royal State, land of bravery, Rajputana Land, etc, Rajasthan has a charisma of its own where people from across the globe come to explore its rich heritage, royal lifestyle, unique culture, its traditions and above all its architectural wonders that lie in its heritage forts, palaces and mansions (majority of them have been transformed into heritage hotels and resorts as well as UNESCO World Heritage Sites). Some of them are still privately owned and managed by royal families. Rajasthan tours are counted as incomplete without visiting these destinations.

Things Not to Miss While in Iceland

Iceland is a European country that consists of a number of islands situated in the Northern section of the Atlantic Ocean. The country has a population of around 350,000 inhabitants and a surface area of 103,000 square kilometers. The capital of the city is Reykjavík and it is the largest city in the country that is often visited by many travelers who tour Iceland. Today we would be shedding some lights on the most important places to visit while in Iceland.

The Queensland Quiz

Planning a holiday to Queensland? If not – you should be! In either case, here are a few QLD facts expressed in a True/False quiz. The answers are at the bottom and have fun! 1. Queensland was named by James Cook in honour of Queen Charlotte, the wife of King George III.

Enjoy Cheap Luxury Holidays in Bali With Your Loved Ones

If your family has been planning about an exquisite international holiday with their loved ones including you, then you can choose the best luxury holiday packages in Bali. Right from your departure from the airport to your arrival in Bali, you can hire the best travel partners to get the perfect accommodation and sight-seeing facilities.

Las Vegas Facts You Didn’t Know About

There are some facts about the Sin City that you probably have not heard of. Technically, many iconic hotels of Vegas are not found in Las Vegas City. Part of the Strip and the famous “Welcome to Fabulous Las Vegas” sign are, in fact, located in a separate township known as Paradise, Nevada.

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