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Things To Watch Out For When Travelling To Thailand – Cons And Tricks You Need To Know About

Thailand is a great place to visit. It can be the land of all things beautiful, fun and exotic. Unfortunately for many naive tourists though each year, it can also be a land of problems, scams and crime. Tourist destinations will always be a prime target for crime. If you know about the scams that happen in Thailand though, perhaps you can avoid them. I am writing this article to help notify those that are visiting the country for the first time about what to expect.

The 4 Best Cocktail Bar In Marylebone

Marylebone is home to some of the best cocktail bars in London. This is fitting since Marylebone is one of the best districts in London, so close to the center of one of the world’s largest cities, but able to maintain a village atmosphere. We could mention many of the excellent cocktail bars found just in this little village, but we will concentrate on 4 of the best, mostly for their specialties of unique offerings. A stirred martini can be had just about anywhere for the asking. It is the unique offerings without having to ask that are highlighted.

Enjoying Beautiful Beaches in San Diego

San Diego is a perfect destination for a great vacation along with your family. The city has some of the beautiful beaches in the United States as well as the world which are worth visiting during any time of the year.

Tips For An Excellent Quality Holiday Escapade

Choosing the best place to spend your holiday can be both an exciting and daunting task. Aside from thinking about the things the place has to offer, you also have to think about the right place to stay at to ensure you’ll enjoy the rest of your free time.

Top 5 Gay And Lesbian Exotic Travel Destinations – Summer/Fall 2013

The main purpose of any gay vacation is to discover at least a new spot and have a great time. Although specialized gay tours are more difficult to find (as not all gay travel agencies are trustworthy), an increasing number of countries and tropical paradises welcome gay tourists. The primary aim of the following lines is to present the top 5 gay and lesbian hideaways for the summer/fall season of 2013.

Gay Music City – Why Nashville, TN Should Be on the Go-To List for Gay Travelers

Nashville is a big Tennessee city located in the north-central area. Unlike the conservative suburbs surrounding the city, Nashville has a rather relaxed atmosphere with regard to accommodating alternative lifestyles and sexualities. The city is largely associated with country music, and is recognized as the world’s country music capital. You can also enjoy the sounds of soul, blues, classical, jazz, rock, pop and bluegrass. This aspect, as well as a variety of other attractions in the city has made Nashville attractive to thousands of tourists irrespective of their sexual orientation. That said, the following are some of the reasons why Nashville, TN should be on the go-to list for gay travelers.

Top Tourists Trappings in Auckland, New Zealand

Auckland inundates with fascinating tourist attractions that overwhelm one and all. An intriguing blend of natural and man-made wonders here tempts holidaymakers from across the globe to buy cheap flights tickets and holiday packages for New Zealand.

Jaipur’s Heritage Hotels – Immerse in Royal Heritage on India Holidays

Jaipur is a fantastic destination for anyone who seeks a date with Indian royalty. Its glorious heritage lodging properties are not only popular among locals, but also international travellers who spend on tickets aboard flights.

Skiathos, Another Facet of Greece Beauty, You Should Visit Off-Season

When thinking of holidays in Greece, most people have in mind some clichés, often linked to Mykonos and the Cycladic islands: white cubic houses with blue window frames and shades, turquoise blue waters, some dazzling white churches with a dome and a bell silhouetted against a clear blue sky and scarce vegetation of thyme and oregano bushes. If you want to experience a different beauty of Greece, it is worth to head north to discover the Sporades Islands, and in particular the island of Skiathos.

Celebration of Durga Puja in West Bengal

The Durga Puja festival in Kolkata Durga Puja, which means ‘worshipping Goddess Durga’ is a festival that is celebrated across many parts of India, but most notably in the capital city of the state of West Bengal, namely Calcutta, or now referred to as Kolkata. This festival rejoices the mythical victory of the Goddess Durga over the demon Mahishashura, or metaphorically the victory of good over evil. The festival is celebrated by families and friends alike and with great fervor and excitement.

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