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Top Tropical Vacation Destinations – Info

Filled with the limitless charms and attractions, the tropical tourist destinations are among the favorite vacation spots of the Caribbean islands. Read about some of the best tropical vacation spots.

Five Holidays That Break the Mould

An increasing number of people are ditching the usual package holiday in favour of more unusual destinations. Many are willing to travel further afield to avoid the crowds and experience a different culture or stunning scenery. I am a huge fan of this approach and it has led to some of my most exciting and memorable trips. If you are considering going somewhere a little more unusual but you’re not sure where to start, here are my top five suggestions. Some of these are quite touristy but they are a far cry from the Spanish Costas and make a great starting point for adventurous travellers.

Florida Shopping – One More Fun Thing to Do in Florida

Shopping in general has changed so much over the years. We can see that more than ever in Florida, where shopping that targeted tourists were tacky roadside mom-and-pop shops. There you could buy pink flamingos, conch shells, products made from Florida products like alligator handbags and seashell key chains. And of course everything on it blasted out the name “Florida”.

Top 3 Cities to Visit in Central Europe

At a region where east and west collide, central Europe is a culturally and politically unique area of Europe. In recent decades, this once war torn region has seen many cities and nations revived and has created a thriving tourism industry. Defined not only by culture and language, the nations that make up central Europe are marked by some of the most stunning mountains in the world, the Alps. Extending as far north as Germany and as far south as Italy, the Alps of central Europe are breathtaking to say the least.

Fort Myers Beach Adventures: Indulge Your Wilder Side

In addition to the beautiful beaches, there are so many fun things to do for the average adventure seeker in Fort Myers Beach, Florida. Here are a few cool things to try on your next visit.

Infrastructure of Jamaica

Jamaica enjoys an extensive though aging infrastructure. It is interesting to know about the evenly connecting roads and perfectly located ports and harbors. It’s modern air transport is used by millions of tourists every year.

Five Reasons You Can’t Beat Family Holidays in Cornwall

With its stunning coastal scenery, idyllic Blue Flag beaches and myriad of maritime activities for messing about on the water; nothing beats a family holiday in Cornwall. If you want to create the kind of treasured seaside memories from your childhood for your children, then Cornwall – winner of best holiday county for the fourth year running in the British Travel Awards 2012 – has it all. 1.

Visiting the Battlefields of World War 1 – The First Victoria Crosses of World War 1

This article provides some information on the first Victoria Crosses awarded during World War 1, including who won them, and how. Also included for visitors to the area are accurate coordinates for the area where they were won.

Visiting the Battlefields of World War 1 – Albert ‘Somme 1916 Museum’

This article is a review of the ‘Somme 1916 Museum’ in Albert, France. It is a very good museum, and suitable for children.

Important Facts and Information About Samui Island

Koh Samui is an island in Thailand located on Kra Isthmus’ east coast. The island is located near Surtat Thani which is a mainland town in Surat Thani Province. It is important to note that Koh Samui is sometimes referred to as Ko Samui or Samui.

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