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3 Classic Sights in Beautiful Salzburg

Many transfers from Salzburg Airport will take in some notable sights on their way to the city. Here are three of the best.

3 Fascinating Sights to Watch Out for in Salzburg

Your transfers from Salzburg Airport will lead you into a city of fascination. Here are three of the delights you will find there.

Experiencing Iceland’s Golden Circle On Northern Lights Holidays

Winter holidays are, by definition, different than those that take place over the summer months. While the latter are more focused on enjoying the warm weather near a beachfront or riverside location, winter breaks tend to be more activity-related – one needs think no further than ski-resort breaks to find evidence to support this statement. Winter sports holidays are not, however, the only popular type of cold-weather break.

Pisa, Beyond The Leaning Tower

In Tuscany, holidays should always be filled with surprises, and Pisa delivers on that. There are many sights beyond the famous leaning tower.

The Great Pyramids of Egypt!

Egypt is a touristic country that stands out of the crowd with its long, very long history that dates back to at least 7000 years ago! As the Pharaonic civilization rose up on its lands, the Pharaohs seem to have spread over most of Egypt’s land, that’s why its endless monuments are scattered all around the country.

Choosing Scenic Tours for the Ideal Queenstown Holiday

It is a fact that Queenstown, New Zealand, owes its popularity as a tourist destination primarily to the amazing natural beauty of the local area. You can readily explore the magnificent mountains, crystal clear lakes and hilly valleys by going on scenic tours. There is a huge range of options to pick from. Find out what is on offer and use some helpful advice for making the best choice.

Planning a Queenstown Holiday for Wine Enthusiasts

The gorgeous scenery, the relaxed setting and the multitude of sports and adventure activities on offer are among the main reasons why people go on a Queenstown holiday. There are also those who choose this resort town in New Zealand for the amazing wines produced in the nearby Gibbston Valley which is also known as the Valley of the Vines. Use some practical information and tips on how to organise the ideal holiday for you.

Top Interesting Places To Visit In Europe

Europe is a vast continent, from the lush green pastures of Scotland to the attractive ancient ruins of Greece, Europe has something for everyone. When visiting Europe you will find that it’s really difficult to decide which place to visit there during your stay.

The Best Amazonian Bird Watching – Ecuador

For the best Amazonian bird watching, Ecuador is ideal – particularly along the Napo River basin. Read on for more.

10 Walking Tours in Dar Es Salaam, Tanzania

Dar as Salaam is a beautiful vibrant city located in the coast of Tanzania. Being the commercial capital, the city is full of life and with lots of attractions for visitors. Most visitors come to Tanzania for Safaris to the national parks, Zanzibar beach vacation as well as climbing Mount Kilimanjaro. Dar as Salaam is truly a gem for visitors and next time you’re on a stop-over in the city, these are some of the walking trips you can take and have lots of fun and learning experiences while at it!

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