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Castles for Romantic Stays in England

Many visit England’s castles each year, but did you know that you could also stay in one? There are a number of romantic castles to choose from, so why not go and treat yourself and your loved one to a luxurious Valentine’s Day Break and travel to one of the following stunning castles, just a few of the many options open to you this February: Augill Castle, Eden Valley This picturesque castle in the Upper Eden Valley, nestled against the beautiful backdrop of the Northern Pennines, could just be the perfect place for…

Love in Latvia

For a romantic winter break, we decided to head for romantic Riga, that city on the Baltic Sea which is slowly but surely gaining a reputation for itself as an excellent destination for a short break in Europe with a bit of a difference. Latvia is a country of unspoiled natural beauty and well-preserved historical sites, perfect, we found, for a couple in love. We arrived in Riga and settled into our quiet, cosy hotel.

The Wonderful Necessity of Getting Lost Once in a While

This may seem like an unlikely paean, but there are many reasons why it is good for you to get lost in an unfamiliar place every now and then. In fact, as a travel writer and frequent traveller, I would go so far as to say that it is indeed a wonderful necessity. Here is a song of praise for getting lost as you travel the many varied and beautiful places in this big wide world of ours: Losing yourself often means finding something unexpected: It is easy to collapse into a way of…

The Benefits of Eco-Tourism and Sustainable Travel

There are many reasons why an individual might be thinking about taking an ecologically friendly and sustainable holiday and many reasons why these sorts of holidays are a good idea. While some say we should not be travelling abroad at all, around the world, more and more people are cottoning on to the benefits of travelling in an ethically sensitive way and seeing some of the best that the natural world has to offer. Here are some of the many pros of eco-tourism: Learning from the Landscape – By taking a holiday that has its…

Bringing Your Dog to Estes Park, Colorado

Estes Park, the great tourist town adjacent to Rocky Mountain National Park, can be visited with your dog. Places to stay and where to walk your pooch are discussed.

This Is THE Year to Visit Estes Park, Colorado

For over a century, Estes Park, Colorado, has been a favorite destination for nature lovers and sportsmen. With the adjacent Rocky Mountain National Park celebrating its one hundred year anniversary, 2015 should be a particularly fun time to visit.

How To Plan A Holiday Trip To New York

New York, the city which never sleeps, has always been on my list of “Cities to Visit.” Before the last year ended, I planned to visit New York with my wife. Though I’m good at planning trips I’m really bad at making bookings for the hotel or the airlines so I asked her to get the ticket reservations done.

Jodhpur Wedding: What Makes It Such a Tempting Idea?

Traveling is the true nectar of life. It keeps one swift-footed and helps to broaden the mind. More importantly, it prevents stagnancy in life which often threatens to destroy the essence of living.

Niagara Falls Operating Season

Knowing the best time to visit Niagara Falls is important to know before you start asking your boss for those coveted vacation days. This article will give you a good glimpse into when you should plan your Niagara Falls vacation.

Five Valentine’s Day Holidays in France

France is the most visited country in the world and, it seems, the centre of love and passion. Wherever you go in France this Valentine’s Day, love will surely be in the air. Here are a few lovely places to spend February 14th this year: Paris Perhaps the most romantic city in the world, Paris never fails to disappoint in the romance stakes.

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