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Annual Redondo Beach Surf N’ Turf Lobster Festival

Locals ride their bikes to the Redondo Beach Surf N’ Turf lobster festival, others come from all over to enjoy a Maine lobster dinner (because who you kidding, you’re coming here to eat). Located every year in the Seaside Lagoon in Redondo Beach, CA., this annual Lobster festival has been a tradition now for over a decade. The Maine lobsters are freshly flown in daily for this event with September being Lobster season, they are delicious!

Pilgrimage Tour in India – What Will Be Your Choice of Pilgrimage Centers?

It won’t be wrong to say that spiritual tourism is one of the biggest draws of tourists in India and this country really has so much to offer that a pilgrim may feel lost when trying to decide as to where to descend first and where not to descend at all. Pilgrimage tour in India can awaken the divine consciousness in a person and make one aware of ‘self’, which is also the ultimate goal of every living being as per Hindu doctrine.

World Cup ‘Futebol’!

The FIFA World Cup is coming to Brazil in 2014, which will be met with unbridled enthusiasm amongst many fans, bringing the biggest tournament of the ‘beautiful game’ to a country that is perhaps one of the most passionate in the world about the sport. Brazil is buzzing with anticipation at the thought of this huge event next year, followed by the Olympics in Rio two years later and this vibrant country is sure to be under the spotlight between now and then. Whilst Rio’s iconic Maracana stadium might seem a great draw for many looking to get tickets to a match and combine it with a holiday, if it were me I would set my sights on heading to a game in one of the northern cities. With the tournament taking place mid June to mid July, this is Brazil’s winter season with milder temperatures in the south – perhaps not quite warm enough for some beach R&R although perfect from July onwards for spotting southern right whales or for humpback whales further up the Bahia coast where the temperatures are warmer and the rainy season is tailing off.

Times Gone By

Philippines is enriched with historical events. History has been a great part of being a Filipino. Yes, modern age has changed a lot of factors and it is evident that the part of history has been embraced but was altered by time. The modern age came and changed the way of living for many Filipinos. Structures have changed from old to modern-style houses and establishments. The way we socialize and even the way we talk.

Minute Details Regarding Hajj Vaccinations

There are many formalities for obtaining a visa to Saudi Arabia. Usually, millions travel to this country in order to fulfill their religious obligations. It is said that a person following Islam receives the highest religious merit if he goes on hajj or Umrah.

Visiting the Battlefields of World War 1 – Planning Your Trip

This articles provides some basic information to help you plan your trip to the battlefields of World War 1. It covers the main areas that you can visit, and offers some guidance on how to choose the area you would like to visit.

Visiting the Battlefields of World War 1 – 3 Things to See in Mons, Belgium

This article contains information on 3 things to see in and around Mons in Belgium, that are connected to World War 1. It contains information on the Grand Place, the First Shot memorial, and St Symphorien Military Cemetery.

Retirement Abroad – Occupational Therapy

Taking up a satisfying occupation can be the difference between boredom and interesting period of life in retirement. There are many choices for the retiree which may include exercising an already acquired skill in a new way, learning something new or achieving a long held ambition. There is no need to be burdened with an onerous job and tight deadlines. This is not how the retirement years are intended to be filled. This article considers just three outlets for retirees looking to avoid pointless inactivity.

The Autumnal Faces Of Srinagar And Dal Lake In Kashmir Mesmerises

The beautiful Valley of Kashmir has been torn apart by Insurgency and Counter-Insurgency Operations since 1989. This heavenly Himalayan Valley has experienced hell in the form of gruesome episodes of terror and brutality till 2009. Since then there has been a semblance of peace though the tension continues to simmer beneath the apparent silence. Nevertheless, the Tourism Industry has woken up after a long period of slump. Both Indian and foreign tourists have started exploring this valley in recent years. Kashmir is, indeed, justifiably, named as “Heaven on Earth” which I realized after I visited it last October on a package tour. Every season lends its unique color and fragrance to the valley. If Summer lends abundance to its flora and fauna, the Winter season lends is magic of pure white expanse to the entire valley when it is much sought after as a major skiing holiday destination. I discovered its autumnal charm which exudes its own color and glory! The season of Autumn beautifies Kashmir with its mellowed sunlight and mists. I have tried to paint the autumnal faces of Srinagar and Dal lake which left me mesmerized during the visit.

Reasons Why We Have to Visit France and What to See There

Visiting new countries is a way of getting entertainment and refreshment to the mind. This needs a lot of money and passion. But if you spend some money in visiting new countries like France and see the beautiful buildings and other attractive features that are present in the country, you will surely be surprised at the culture of this country. Here are a few reasons for which you have to visit this country. Let us see what the advantages of visiting this country are and how to enjoy there.

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