Host Michaela Coel Introduces Global Citizen Prize Winner Khanyisile Motsa | Global Citizen Festival

A Short Guide to Philippines’ Most Attractive Islands

El Nido, Palawan This beach town situated in the north of Palawan hasn’t undergone any significant changes since the time of the Spanish colonization. There are many islands for you to explore on conducted boat tours. At some places, you’ll find water so clear that you can watch fish running among corals at the depth of fifteen meters.

Preparation for Your Next Diving Experience

If you are a seasoned diver, then you certainly have a long list of diving destinations. Some places are better than others, but they all deserve a try. Seasoned divers, as well as the beginners, will appreciate those locations that offer the much-needed facilities.

My Top 5 Places to Go in Bangkok

Bangkok is a great destination for anyone and everyone. With cheap food and a city that never sleeps, I got to experience some of the wildest parties in Asia. Bangkok has an enormous amount of entertainment options and this is my list of places to go.

Travel to Israel – Classic Holiday on Holy Land!

A peaceful journey is something that is necessary for everyone. Choosing to visit the places that are filled with natural beauty as well as holiness cleanses one from the deep corner of the heart. One feels like forgetting one’s basic existence and longs to dip in the beauty of the place. Israel is such place which is the perfect amalgamation of culture, holiness and natural wonders.

Family Day and A Treasure Hunt at The Louvre

Visiting the Louvre in Paris can be fun for kids if it is planned with their interests and attention span in mind. A recent family trip included a Treasure Hunt at the Louvre featuring 6 Top Exhibits.

Ecuador Holidays for Families of All Ages

This article highlights some of the family adventures to be had on a holiday to Ecuador. No matter what your family’s interests or their ages, there is fun to be had by every member of the family.

Sufi Music Festival, Rajasthan, India

This article summarises some of the delights of travelling to Asia and experiencing the Sufi Music Festival. With so much choice, there’s something for everyone to enjoy.

Delve Beyond Machu Picchu Into Peru’s Colourful Past

This article highlights some of the treasures of Peru to be discovered, beyond Macchu Picchu. Why not explore some of the fascinating sights of the country that are off the beaten track?

The Ultimate Fiesta at Rio Carnival!

This article reveals some of the treasures to be enjoyed whilst on a festival holiday to Brazil. Experience the Carnival, the atmosphere of the Copacabana and so much more on your trip.

Where to Enjoy the Fiesta in Latin America?

This article highlights some of the very best in the way of festivals in South America. No matter what your tastes, there is somewhere to enjoy the fiesta in this vibrant continent for you!

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