How Delta Air Lines Is Climbing Toward a More Sustainable Future | Global Citizen Festival: NYC

A Journey to Experience the Natural Beauty of Peruvian Amazon

Occupying almost two-thirds of Peru, the Amazon Basin is home to a mystifying mosaic of people, birds, wildlife and plants. Approximately 8,000 distinctive animal species, 280 species of exotic birds, 700 classes of butterflies and 64 indigenous tribes live in harmony within this fascinating region.

Wonders of the Known World – Reefs in Tobago

Tobago, a small island in the Caribbean, is renowned as the least spoiled island, having a rich rainforest and spectacular colorful coral reefs that attract hoards of snorkelers and scuba divers. During 1973, Tobago’s biggest coral reef, in the neighborhood of Pigeon Point, got nominated as a marine park, despite having been significantly damaged by boat anchors, as well as snorkelers. Snorkelers can find a vast variety of corals like star, brain and Elkhorn along with other varieties.

Vacationing In The Midst Of Fuming Volcanoes and Green Lakes in Chile

The exotic country of Chile has experienced a sustained growth in tourist numbers over the last few years. The land’s rich history and interesting cultural heritage, along with the numerous natural wonders it houses, has made it a popular attraction for those looking for an exciting change of pace. Vacationing in the midst of fuming volcanoes and green lakes, while drinking in the history of each place you step in to, is sure to provide maximum levels of relaxation.

Photography Course Workshop – France 2014 – Your Ideal Vacation?

Most Americans have either been to France or dream about going. It’s easy to understand why. France has more to offer than almost any other European Vacation destination.

Partying It Up While Attending Tomorrowland in Belgium

Heir to several former medieval superpowers, Belgium’s rich heritage manages to surprise and fascinate visitors, both at the same time. History, art, and architecture are packed within the cities of Belgium, along with sandy beaches and dense forests for those who would rather enjoy natural settings. In addition, Belgium has also gradually become an attraction for party-goers due to the musical entertainment and the vibrant developing party scene.

Senior Class Trips to Disney

The end of your school days is approaching and you have something to celebrate. It may be a long standing school tradition, or something that is unique to your class, but the time has arrived. Hey Seniors.

Breakfast Lunch and Dinner in Las Vegas

After visiting Las Vegas each year for the past 15 years, I have found myself repeating Breakfast Lunch and Dinner at my Favorite dining locations each visit to Las Vegas and looking forward to them with every trip to the strip. Food and Dining in Las Vegas can be the highlight of your trip, and no matter your taste, Las Vegas has something for everyone; from high end Celebrity Restaurants to McDonalds; Las Vegas has it all, you won’t find another destination on the planet with this much variety all within walking distance of one another.

Abu Dhabi or Dubai? Where Is Your Next Vacation?

If you’re considering a trip to the United Arab Emirates you may be trying to decide between Abu Dhabi and Dubai. Both cities have a lot to offer but each is unique in its own way. Below you’ll find some useful tips and insights into what each city offers.

Better Getaway From Winter – Dubai

In many places around the world, January and February means cold weather and cabin fever. Being stuck indoors can be quite a drag for those who are active and ready for adventure. Travelling becomes not only difficult but quite dangerous due to adverse weather conditions.

Why Not Try a Skifari This Winter?

Deciding on where to go skiing can often be a laborious – and not to mention stressful – time for families, as there are so many resorts that you will want to visit during your next ski holiday. If this is the case and you are undecided on whether to head back to one of your tried and trusted choices or whether to go and explore a new one, why not try a skifari? A skifari is a perfect option for families who want to spend time at more than one resort and for those skiers…

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