Jonas Brothers Perform ‘Burnin’ Up’ | Global Citizen Festival: NYC

4 Famous Restaurants From Coorg Tourism

Coorg Tourism offers several well-known and famous restaurants. There are both, local cuisine and multi cuisine restaurants in Coorg. For detailed information read more.

Why Should You Choose a Holiday Resort Over a Hotel Stay?

Holidays are a important part of one’s life! They are a great way to rejuvenate and relax. So whenever people get time, they should take off for a trip. When it is a matter of comfort and de-stressing, destination does not matter much. However, one can opt for a locale, which has a soothing climate and a wonderful place to stay.

Nightlife From Coorg Tourism

Though Coorg Tourism is not best known for its nightlife, the nightlife in Coorg is full of energy. Read more below for details on nightlife in Coorg.

The Mystery of Chincanas Underground Tunnels

Peru is a country of mysteries indeed. Regardless of archeologists’ already announced conclusion, there is always much room for further researches.

Ruins of Yuanmingyuan in Beijing

The Ruins of Yuanmingyuan is situated in the northwest of the Beijing City, west of Tsinghua University directly north of the 5th ring Road and less than 1 kilometers east of the Summer Palace. Before aggressive Anglo-French troops invaded China in 1860, the three gardens of Yuanmingyuan were part of a huge imperial residential and garden complex of the Qing Dynasty, set far away from the Forbidden City. At the beginning it was a gift from Qing Emperor Kangxi to his fourth son Prince Yinzhen(Emperor Yongzheng) and was mainly composed of water scenery. When construction began, the name, however, was still unknown. In 1709, Emperor Kangxi himself gave the plaque bearing the name “Yuanmingyuan ” to the garden.

Walt Disney and His Dreamland – The Origin of Disneyland

This article is all about the origin of Disneyland in Anaheim, CA. It was built in 1955 under the direct supervision of Walt Disney. It mainly talks about the major inspiration of Walt to build his dream project.

Ooty: A Must Visit Place for Honeymooning Couples

Honeymooning couples who are on a look out to find an apt place to spend the most beautiful moments together should consider visiting Ooty. The pristine beauty of Ooty lures the couples in love and there are several spots in Ooty that they must visit.

The Amazing Paraty

Paraty is an amazing destination for those who want to visit Brazil. Nature and lots of local culture, beautiful beaches and paradise islands. Tips for those who will vistar Paraty and a little history of the city.

Tips for Using Metal Detectors on Beaches

Using metal detectors on beaches is a great way to pass some time. Not only are you surrounded by a serene setting with waves crashing and seagulls overhead, you may even wind up finding something of value. Here are some secrets that may help you make some great finds.

There Is a Caribbean Tour for Everyone

The Caribbean is renowned around the world for its beautiful beaches, gorgeous weather, friendly locals, and lively activities. Whether you want a quiet vacation on a remote beach or visit the famous Caribbean tour destinations, this chain of islands has it all. From the U.

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