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Here Are Five of the Great Museums in Europe

If you read our website we point out the numerous truly awe-inspiring things there are to see and experience when visiting Europe. But if you are a person that loves museums, and it is a great way to understand the culture of the place you are visiting, Europe is loaded with first-rate museums. Of the top thirteen most visited museums in the world, nine are in Europe. Of those, four are in London and three in Paris.

Summer Fun in the Poconos

A review of a few of the more popular summer activities in the Pocono Mountains region of Northeast Pennsylvania, and why this area is a prime vacation destination for those in NY, NJ and PA, and even farther out. Showcases age-specific attractions and activities, and a few tips.

Eco-tourism In Sri Lanka

Eco-tourism is a commercial venture, which strives to conserve the local habitat while entertaining local and international tourists from around the world. Various different geographical locations are earmarked for such initiatives. This helps bring in revenue and at the same time preserve the ecosystem of the region.

Koh Samui Attractions

Koh Samui is a fairly big island located in the Gulf of Thailand, around 80 km from the eastern coastline of Southern Thailand, and about 700 Km south of Bangkok. It is a cosmopolitan melting point attracting travelers from around the world. The island has a number of things to see and do. From the famous mummified monks to attractive waterfalls to the grandma and grandpa rocks and more, there is nothing to stop you having fun there.

Studying in Cancun – Not Just Sun, Sea, and Sand!

Cancun is known for its beautiful white beaches, the brilliant sunshine, and lots of rest, wonderful foods, and the warm personality of its people. These are the things that best describes Cancun.

Phuket – The Beautiful Island in Thailand

Phuket Island is among Asia’s most popular tourist destinations. The island is about the same size as Singapore and isn’t only the largest island in Thailand but also the richest due to tourism. There are a number of wonderful attractions in Phuket for people of all ages. The island offers breathtaking bays, white beaches, coves, as well as inviting seas. Phuket is popular for its friendly people, wide variety of accommodation varying from world class villas, hotels to small guesthouses, and of course don’t forget the wonderful food.

Where in the World Is Down Under?

For those who are unfamiliar with the term ‘Down Under’, let me explain. Down Under is simply referring to that part of the World that is “down under” – Australia and New Zealand. Of course, for those of us who live “down under”, we would say that living in this part of the World comes with certain privileges. For one, we are away from the “madding crowd” so we don’t experience the stress of living in many of the overcrowded Northern Hemisphere cities. In addition, we are part of the South Pacific which is a relatively under-populated part of the World.

Where to Go When Visiting New Zealand

One of the blessed countries when it comes to scenic views and beautiful landscapes is New Zealand. It is famous for being one of the most visited countries during holidays and vacations. There are different things to do and places to visit.

Las Vegas Helicopters Are A Terrific Way To See The Grand Canyon

When people think of Las Vegas, they think of The Strip. But did you know it’s also a great place from which to take a Grand Canyon helicopter tour? Learn more by reading this article.

Kerala: A Wanderlust for Honeymooning Couples

There are several reasons which are good enough to term Kerala as a tropical paradise. Owing to the captivating beauty of palm fringed beaches, hills and backwaters, all the starry-eyed couples love to visit this place.

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