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Top 10 Places to See Dolphins in New Zealand

New Zealand is a country surrounded by dolphins – tourists choose it just for the opportunity to swim with them! Here are the top ten best places you can see dolphins in New Zealand…

The Place of The Blue Smoke

“The Place of The Blue Smoke” (Shaconage) as the Cherokee called it. We simply call it “The Smokies”, is a family oriented place to visit or vacation. The area features The Smokey Mountain National Park, Beautiful views, Designer shops, Dollywood and even Bears. If you like shows (including a Mind Reading Pig), Country and Gospel music, Amusement parks, and the Great Outdoors; then The Smokies may be ideal for your family this year.

5 Top English Castles to Visit

Great Britain is full of castles which are steeped in history and legend. Over the years they have been visited by people from all walks of life from all over the world. The popularity of visiting castles has recently increased due to the highly popular TV show “Game of Thrones” which is based on George R.

Bali Humor – The Best Medicine

Balinese people, and Asians as a general rule, don’t respond to aggressiveness in business.. but they do respond to humor. In order to understand the Balinese culture, it is the vital to understand the role and importance of humor.

Top 10 Hong Kong Tourist Attractions

Hong Kong is a special administrative region of China, being among the most modern and visited cities in Asia. If you’re looking forward to visiting this wonderful city, then you should know that the weather is nice and warm all around the year, with mild temperatures between September and February and slightly higher ones between May and September. Communication is not a problem either, as most locals are accustomed with the English language.

Driving in Thailand – Get the Most From Your Holiday

People are often reluctant to drive in Thailand because they think it’ll be too hard. However, it’s remarkably easy if you follow a few simple rules. This article gives a tongue-in-cheek introduction to how to safely drive in the Land of Smiles

How to Tour New Zealand – A Basic Tourist Guide

If you are looking for a basic guide on how to Tour New Zealand, here is an example of a self-drive travel itinerary, that provides you the opportunity to experience many of New Zealand’s scenic attractions over say a three week holiday period. I am assuming that you would be flying into New Zealand’s main tourist entry point, Auckland, and I am estimating that the average daily driving distances would be between two to three hours.

See Vintage Cars In Their Prime In Cuba

A large part of the charm and appeal of visiting Cuba comes from the fact that there is a strong air of nostalgia on the island. For many tourists, a trip to Cuba is an opportunity to view life in the way that it used to be lived.

Relax on The Beaches Of Cuba

If you are planning on a trip to Cuba, it is likely that you will be looking forward to some excitement and a lot of dancing. The night life is a major attraction for tourists but it is not wise to party every day and night on the island.

Experience Cuba And The History Of Rum

While there are many great things to enjoy about Cuba, it is fair to say that the party atmosphere and social side of the island is a great attraction for many tourists. The weather, the culture, the music and of course, the ability to party until the early hours makes Cuba an ideal destination if you want to party with some class and style.

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