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La Plagne, Simply Perfect For Everyone

If you’re looking for an unparalleled winter sports holiday with the family, that has the flexibility of activities both with and without children, then a catered chalet in the ski resort area of La Plagne may be just what you’re looking for.

Less Crowded Mayan Ruins and Sites in Central America

So the Mayans had predicted that the world would come to an end in December 2012 and though going by the present circumstances there does not seem any indication to an impeding catastrophe, this does not in any way take away from the fact that the ancient Mayan civilization greatly shaped the culture, thoughts and ideas in Central America. Even today, the ancient Mayan sites continue to be a huge draw in the region, and while some of the mysteries they contain have been unravelled, there is still much that has to be unearthed and understood in the right context and the right perspective. While there are several ancient Mayan ruins and sites, here are some of the less crowded ones that you may wish to visit.

Things to See and Do in Beijing

It does not matter whether you are a long-term or a short-term visitor to Beijing. This hub will ensure that you are well acquainted with the city. The first thing that you should obtain before visiting Beijing is a Visa. You can obtain this from Chinese Consulate or Embassy in your country. The city has incredible ancient alleyways, imperial palaces and contrasts. Besides, Beijing has cutting-edge shopping malls and architecture. The magnificent Great Wall is just outside the majestic city. Its unique sights are unmatched across the globe and it is a destination you can expend for weeks. Nonetheless, it is possible to get a taste of life in Beijing and visit iconic sights within five days.

Kings Cross London – A Travel Guide

This article highlights some of the lesser-known tourist gems to explore in and around Kings Cross. It also provides in-depth insight from a Londoner on how the area has changed.

A Visit to Melbourne: Important Information

Melbourne is the most populous as well as the capital city of the state of Victoria (Australia) and has a population of over 4.1 million people. This multicultural and diverse city is the home to the world’s largest tram network. The public transport system in Melbourne is integrated and based around extensive taxi, bus, tram and train systems. Melbourne is also referred as Australia’s Garden City due to the abundance of parks and gardens. There a number of parks surrounding the city’s suburbs such as the south east of central business district and the municipalities of Port Phillip, Boroondara and Stonnington. This city was founded during the reign of King William IV in 1835 and has transformed into one of the world’s liveliest and wealthiest cities since 1950’s.

Carnival in the Virgin Islands – The Party Lasts Year Round!

Enjoy the sights, smells, sounds and pageantry of Carnival in the Virgin Island. Each island of St Thomas, St. John and St. Croix hold their own Carnival so no matter the time of year you visit, there’s always a party!

Why Is Kenya So Expensive for Holiday-Makers?

As a tour operator, sometimes I myself have been surprised at the high cost a safari can be. Many people ask me, why when there are so many poor people in Africa, is it so expensive to travel there. So I have put together this article to try to explain some of the costs and offer suggestions on how to make your safari a little less pricey.

Dream Destinations That Will Take Honeymoon Couples Into A Different World Altogether

Getting married and planning your honeymoon are two of the most exciting events in anyone’s life. You want to make sure that your honeymoon is perfect and visiting exotic islands is the ideal destination for most couples.

Visiting Venice on a Cycling Holiday

The Po Valley area of Emilia-Romagna is good cycling country and it would be a shame not to visit Venice when you are in the area, especially if you have never been before. However, any plan that involves both Venice and a bicycle presents particular challenges. Fortunately, there are several solutions that should allow you to spend a few days in the city at the end of a bike tour.

Explore Scenic American Destinations via Helicopter

Helicopter tours are a wonderful way to explore some of the magnificent sights and wonders the world has to offer, whether they are manmade or one of nature’s many marvels. The United States in particular is fortunate enough to be home to many miraculous landmarks that are all the more spectacular when you see them from the flight of a helicopter tour.

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