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Skiathos Town: Off the Beaten Tracks

If you want to keep a memory of Skiathos Town other than a Greek Saint-Tropez, I suggest you to leave as soon as possible the old port, the Bourtzi and the endless motley procession moving up or down Papadiamantis Street. When you reach the end of the old harbor just before you arrive to the fish market, you will see some stairs. Climb them up.

Hogmanay in Scotland

Hogmanay in Scotland is legendary and provides the perfect way to see in the new year. Enjoy a ceilidh and perhaps some whisky during the celebrations.

Skiathos Town: First Impression – Rather Disappointing

For visitors arriving to Skiathos by boat or hovercraft, the commercial harbour of Skiathos Town or “Chora” as the islanders call it, is usually the first contact with the island. At each ferry arrival, in a joyful chaos, disheveled mothers struggle to hold their kids with great difficulty while fathers try to recover their car in the bilge, young courting couples of all sexes, motorcycle bandana on forehead, stubbornly go ahead to make their way through the crowd, large delivery trucks honk on and on, while the maritime police whistles with all his might to somehow impose a discipline and a direction to these incoming and outgoing waves of all kind of excited human beings, eager to arrive or to depart.

Two Days in Auckland

If you’ve only got a limited amount of time to explore Auckland, what do you do? We’ve devised the perfect two day itinerary to see the best of Auckland.

The Beastie Boys’ Guide to Another Dimension

Intergalactic is a song praising the Beastie Boys’ own out-of-this-world rapping skills, and the way they go about demonstrating how “wild” their style is and how their rhymes will “cast you off into exile” is by employing a very hyperbolized yet accurate image of Japanese culture and society. There are a lot of things about Japanese culture that could be criticized and ridiculed — social harmony comes with a price –but just like this 90’s American hip-hop-punk-rock band claims their music to be, it’s definitely from another dimension.

Skiathos Town: Looking for a Walkabout or for Some Celebrities

After one or two days of beaches, hikes, cicadas, dives in the swimming pool, you are ready for a walkabout “downtown”. Here is a nice program to start with start/ have a drink at the Bourtzi, have some appetizers in the old port, a nice supper in a taverns with your feet almost in the Aegean Sea and then, go and dance until the break of dawn on the “Nightlife Strip”. Like many tourists, you have probably chosen to visit Skiathos in the high season and you are now facing your first problem.

Christmas and New Year in Torquay

It’s that stage of the year once more when we begin considering Christmas and the New Year. some of us prefer to reside at home for the festivities however a growing number wish to escape and have others do all the hard work for them.

Taste of Restaurants in Mumbai

For a food enthusiast, restaurants in Mumbai offer endless dishes to taste and feast on. Mumbai tourism promotes food festivals throughout the year. Read on…

Charles Dickens Related Places

Charles Dickens contributed a lot into English literature. He might be regarded as one of the pillars of the Victorian era in England, famous for numerous writers and artists, the Industrial revolution and technological progress and, certainly, social alterations.

The Story Of Cuba Will Astound You

When it comes to finding a holiday destination that will take your breath away, it is hard to argue with what Cuba has to offer. There is a great deal to be said about what this island provides and how different it is from the rest of the world.

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