MÅNESKIN Perform ‘Beggin’ | Global Citizen Festival: NYC

Hellfire Pass and Reflections on Survival

Visiting the Hellfire Pass Memorial in Kancharaburi, Thailand, is a moving experience. It also got me thinking about the art of survival. The Memorial commemorates the sacrifices of those Allied Prisoners of War (POWs) and Asian forced labored who suffered and died on the Burma-thailand railway from 1942-1945.

Bagdogra: The Dooars at the Foothills

Seated amongst beautiful snow capped mountains and meandering ghats is a small town in the Darjeeling district of West Bengal known as Bagdogra. The small town is a part of the more populous Siliguri metropolitan area. The biggest landmark of the town is the Civil Aerodrome Bagdogra, a military international airport that is utilized for civilian flights as well.

Studying English Abroad: Why Not Cape Town, South Africa?

Cape Town is not only a spectacular destination to live and vacation, but it is also an awesome destination for foreign students to study. It is a great place for any young person to spend a few years. There is a vibrant nightlife, along with awesome beaches and world class safari is never far away.

Murano and Burano Islands – Part of the Venetian Island Group

While visiting Venice, we decided to take a trip to Murano, the glass and crystal island, and Burano, the lace making and fishing island. Both trips were well worth our visit in spite of the short time we had available.

Discovering Nepal Through Its Attractions

Nepal is home to wonderful sceneries that showcase its impressive culture and heritage, as well as its pristine environment. It is a sight to behold and no tourist should ever let pass the opportunity of seeing it.

Oahu, Hawaii – Things To Do

Oahu, Hawaii, is a great place to vacation. It’s also one of the most expensive. Read this article & learn how savvy travelers are saving up to 55% on the island’s best tours and attractions…

Eastern Europe Tour – Reasons to Visit Hungary

Thinking about your next travel destination? You probably haven’t considered Hungary, but there are plenty of good reasons why you should.

For Your Church: Using a Local Charter Rather Than Owning Your Own Buses and Vans

If you are a member of a church and are looking for a great way to keep your events organized and get people from place to place, a charter bus is a solid option. Renting instead of owning your own is cheaper and overall less stressful.

EHIC Medical Cards and Tips for Travelling in Europe on Holiday

Taking a holiday in Europe can be a fun experience with the culture, history, scenery and much more, yet situations do arise, whether you have lost a wallet, had a bag stolen or require medical care. So there are precautions you should take and tips for making your holiday safer and easier to deal with if something does happen. Just like having medical cards called the EHIC card that cover you for treatment in France and other European countries, knowing emergency numbers like 112 or your credit card emergency number, and making sure you have copies of all documents like passports prior to travelling, which will make your holiday more relaxing.

Singapore – A Home to Famous Museums!

Singapore’s rich ethnic traditions and diversity presents a riot of colors. The city-state is great to visit with its several attractions. But, not to be missed out are its many museums such as Singapore Art Museum, National Museum of Singapore and others.

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