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Driving in Oaxaca, Mexico: The Bribe

Driving in Oaxaca, Mexico, for both tourists and locals alike, often entails paying police officers a bribe, although for residents it’s known as just giving the patrolmen a little piece of the pie – a mordida. Learn why bribing policemen in Oaxaca is accepted practice, and how to go about doing so.

Why Should You Consider Visiting Macau

When casinos and total entertainment is what you are looking for, then come to Macau. This sought after tourist destination has carved its name as the Las Vegas of the far East. In Asia, it is considered as one of the top tourist destinations. The number of hotels and casinos in Macau have grown significantly the past few years as some casinos in Las Vegas have expanded into this Asian region. Although there are many beautiful sights to see in Macau the vast majority of people who come have one thing in mind, and that is to try their luck at casinos.

Why Cala Galdana is Such a Great Destination in Menorca

Fancy going on holiday in Menorca? Holidays here are full of surprises and one top destination to consider is Cala Galdana.

A Quick Guide to Taiwanese Black Pudding – A Must Eat at Taiwanese Night Markets

Taiwanese black pudding or pig’s blood cake is made of pig’s blood mixed with sticky rice. Once the pudding is steamed, it is cut, typically into thick rectangular slices and fixed on a skewer. This is immediately dipped in peanut power and fresh coriander.

Advantages of Hiring International Shipping Services to Export Cars

Exporting automobiles, whether in large numbers, just a few or even a single, you need to ensure that it arrives at its destination undamaged and without any hassles from the customs. One of the safest ways to export cars is to hire a reputed international freight shipping company.

Subak in Bali: Attractive Destination

Subak in Bali gives the island the scenic rice fields view which is one of the tourism icons of the island. This article dwells on the nature of this traditional irrigation system and a little recommendation to get the best Subak in Bali experience.

Bali Beach: Hidden, Tranquil Balangan

Kuta is not the only Bali beach worth your visit. You should try Balangan Beach, a literally hidden beach remarkable for its quiet, tranquil atmosphere and the great swells that make it a favorite among surfers.

Celebrate Christmas In Chicago

Christmas is a beautiful time of year, full of celebrations with family and friends, traditions and gift giving. With all of the beautiful decorations, the glistening snow, the Christmas carols and the joy and the giving spirit of the season come together to make it feel like there is magic in the air.

Dutch Slip Roads Are Driving Me Crazy!

When abroad you have to adjust to the local ways but these Dutch slip roads are driving me crazy! I visit The Netherlands (no not Michael Jackson’s playground but somewhere often referred to as Holland) frequently for a business trip.

Australia Tourist Attractions – Top 6 List

Read about the best tourist attractions of Australia. Whether you like scenic beauty, prolific nightlife, or shady trees, you will get everything in Australia. Learn about the top 6 destinations.

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