Meet Sarah, a Domestic Worker in Nigeria #shorts

SeaWorld San Diego Discount Tickets Options and Tips on Which Attractions to Check Out

If you book your trip online, you should be able to find SeaWorld San Diego discount tickets. In order to keep the line as short as possible, the world’s largest marine park will usually offer cheaper prices for admission on the internet.

Look Online For Helicopter Coupons For The Grand Canyon

If you are looking for ways to save money on Grand Canyon Helicopter tours, use coupons. This article explains how.

Discover Malta’s Musical Heritage On a School Tour

Surrounded by the shining waters of the Mediterranean and graced with some of Europe’s most striking countryside and historic towns, Malta provides destination for a school tour like no other. Its history is richly layered, its climate sunny, and its cities friendly, vibrant and bursting with culture – making them the perfect setting for music students to explore some fascinating musical heritage as well as offering them the chance to put their performance skills to the test in a new and inspiring environment. If you are considering a trip to Malta for your students, and want to know more about…

Top Study Travel Destinations: Prague’s Artistic Treasures

Any educator contemplating the benefits of study travel to Europe will find a treasure trove of a city in Prague, especially for budding young artists and art lovers. This lively and culture-filled city promises an eye opening and inspiring experience for any student.

Fun Family-Friendly Attractions in Pasay City, Philippines

Looking for things to do in Pasay City with the whole family? When you find yourself and the family spending time or a mini-break in one of the hotels in Pasay City, here are some family-friendly places to visit.

Getting Around the Island of Sardinia

There are many ways to get around while travelling to and from villas in Sardinia. If you want to bring a car from a port in Italy, there are many ferry companies that will allow you to transport one to the island.

The Best of Arzachena, Sardinia: Villas, Restaurants, and Attractions

Situated in the middle of the Mediterranean Sea is the beautiful island of Sardinia. Villas in the area look out onto some of the world’s most spectacular ocean vistas and countryside views. Unique and interesting in themselves, they are often only a short distance from nearby shops and restaurants.

A Study Travel Guide to Rome’s Ancient Wonders

As one of the mightiest seats of power in the ancient world, and a fascinating palimpsest of history, religion and culture across the eras, Rome is the ultimate study travel destination for those learning about ancient history and classical civilisations. Within the modern bustle of this endlessly fascinating, many-layered city, some of the most striking monuments of the ancient world can still be found – and there is still much that can be learned from them.

Sampling the Cheeses of the French Alps

If you thought that the slopes would be the only thing on the minds of ski holiday makers to the French Alps, you may just be wrong! It may surprise you to know that cheese is high on the agenda of those in the know. After tasting some of the delicious food on offer at your catered chalets, you too might find yourself thinking about the next encounter with a wheel of brie – or indeed any of the other delectable cheeses from the French Alpine region!

The Birthplace of The Renaissance

There are excellent, specialised travel companies providing university trips to a huge range of destinations with a focus on a wide variety of subjects. Giving students the opportunity to travel and experience their favoured subject first hand is certain to enrich their learning and understanding.

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