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The Giant’s Causeway – History, Legend and Visitor Guide

The Giant’s Causeway is a spectacular rock formation on the rugged north coast of Ireland. It is hugely significant both scientifically and in terms of Ireland’s heritage and history. For decades, it has also been important to the economy of Northern Ireland, with hundreds of thousands of people visiting the attraction every year. It is steeped in Irish folklore and legend and, more recently, has been tinged with controversy. Below you will read how the Giant’s Causeway was formed – both the scientific explanation, and the one from Irish legend. We also outline its more modern history, including its significance in Northern Irish and World heritage. Then we have more practical advice, including details on the Visitor’s Center, how to get to the Giant’s Causeway, and other things to see and do while in the area.

Kolmanskop – Affluence in the Namib

Kolmanskop, the deserted town in southern Namibia, where the diamonds once, quite literally, paved the streets, has just announced that visitors no longer require taking a guided tour when they arrive at this famous Namibian tourist destination. Instead they are welcome to pay their entrance fees, and take a self-guided tour through the hamlet. So what better time to re-look the history of this ghost town.

Bury Your Feet in the Sardinian Sand

Sardinia is the perfect island for a special family holiday in the Mediterranean. Sardinia offers a wide range of activities with water sports being the most popular.

Take An Insight of North India With North India Tour

North India is the jewel of India hence, opting for North India tour is really a wise decision for every tourist. On North India tour, you can have insight to Delhi, Rajasthan, Himachal Pradesh, Kashmir, Uttaranchal, and Kashmir.

Plan a Perfect Vacation in Beijing

Beijing is a popular destination known for its rich culture and historical past. When planning vacations to this city, certain things need to be kept in mind that will undoubtedly ensure vacations more enjoyable.

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