Nkosana Butholenkosi Masuku Wins the 2023 Cisco Youth Leadership Award | Global Citizen Prize 2023

Kalymnos Is a Beautiful Idyllic Island Part of the Dodecanese Chain, Famous for Sponge Dive Economy

Kalymnos is a beautiful and idyllic island in the island chain of the Dodecanese, situated close to western Turkey. This is the island famous for its sponge-diving activity and sponge-fishing economy. The island economy has only recently become a tourism-centered one and as such Kalymnos remains one of the most authentic and untouched of the Greek island destinations.

The Most Spectacular Waterfalls in India

India is a land of marvelous natural bounties, and the waterfalls among them are perhaps the most captivating ones. If you too wish to explore the beauty of water falling in magical style, this article gives you some names of popular waterfalls in India to choose from.

Protecting Oneself From Japanese Encephalitis: It’s Not Just in Japan That You’ll Need a Vaccination

When one hears the name of a disease such as Japanese encephalitis, they may assume that the only country that harbors this dangerous disease is the one in the name. This is untrue. Japanese encephalitis also strikes in Vietnam, Cambodia, Myanmar, India, Nepal, and Malaysia. Other countries where the disease has been prevalent-but controlled by vaccination-are China, Thailand, Korea, Taiwan and even-believe it or not-Japan. This article goes out to anyone planning a trip to Asia. The world is there for us to visit. One should not be afraid of catching a potentially fatal disease if they have the want or need to experience a certain part of the world. Due to Western medicines’ primacy there is a vaccination that will successfully protect you from catching a disease such as Japanese encephalitis. The world is your oyster. Dig in-but always remember to visit a certified travel clinic for the protection necessary.

Epirus Enjoys the Best Beaches in Greece – Many of Which Fly the Blue Flag for Environmental Quality

The beaches of Epirus are probably the best kept secrets of all of Greece. They do not compete with the beaches of the islands, but that is only because they have not been advertised so fiercely. But they are hugely popular with Greeks and Europeans are only beginning to really discover this awesome stretch of coastline of mainland Greece.

Saronic Gulf, Also Called Argosaronic Gulf Are Very Popular Islands and Make an Idyllic Getaway

The Saronic Gulf, sometimes called the Argosaronic Gulf, is situated between Attica and the Peloponnese. In this location, just off the Greek mainland, the Saronic Gulf islands – Aegina, Angistri, Hydra, Poros, Salamina and Spetses – find their home. At a distance of an hour of so from Athens, they are hugely popular islands and make the perfect idyllic getaway when Athenian experience becomes overwhelming.

Beautiful Landscape Near Lisbon – Sintra

Sintra, around 35km from Lisbon, with castles and palaces that seem to come straight from fantasy books is often called a fairytale village. Named after the moon goddess by the Moors, with its lush and exotic foliage it is not surprising why it has charmed the world’s greatest poets, philosophers, aristocrats and conquerors.

Where to Go and What to Do If Visiting Boston in Lincolnshire

Here are some great places to visit and things to do if you find yourself in Boston, Lincolnshire. All places are within 10 miles radius of Boston and will appeal to most visitors who are holiday or are from another country.

4 Expert Travel Tips You Need for a Perfect Family Vacation

Some people love the seaside. Others dream about spending their entire vacation in a resort located in a quiet, pristine mountain region. It might be easy to plan a wonderful escapade when you’re on your own, but how can you plan the perfect vacation for your entire family?

Kos a Fantastic Organised Tourism Resort With State-Of-The-Art Hospitality and Facilities for Guests

Kos is the third-largest island in the Dodecanese island chain and the second-most popular tourist destination after Rhodes. As such, Kos is an excellently organised tourism resort with state-of-the-art hospitality and facilities for visitors. Almost every language in the world is spoken here in this cosmopolitan little island and so all visitors, from all walks of life, are especially welcome here.

Destination Weddings – Pros and Cons

Destination weddings allows the couple being married to combine the best of a honeymoon with a more traditional ceremony in a destination such as the Caribbean, Mexico, Bermuda, Hawaii, Alaska, or some other venue, and sometimes save money in the process. Traditionally with this type of wedding the bride and groom pay for the hotel, food, and most of the guests’ expenses. Guests on the other hand pay for their own airfare. This alone can set a couple back if the guest list is huge. However, if the bride and groom keep the wedding list to a minimum then the savings can be huge.

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