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Top North Indian Religious Destinations

The northern part of India is not only geographically rich but also has religious and cultural richness. It is home to the most important religious shrines for Hindus of the country. Be it the rugged Himalayas or the plains of Sindh Valley, fervent prayers and requests are made in all important shrines of North India. Here is a glimpse of the main religious destinations of North India.

Chicago Destination Weddings Are Simply Awesome!

Chicago Wedding Venues are simply awesome and picking a venue can be really fun and exciting. In an instant everyone involved in brainstorming becomes an artist, painting a complete picture with each venue; How about you get married on a beach, where right at sunset you can exchange rings, with a rainbow in the background or may be in an underground cave, wow! it would be so cozy and romantic. These are just a few reasons Chicago is a great destination wedding venue.

Tips to Visit the Pink City

I lived two years in Toulouse: a student city located in the south west of France. It is one of the many cities I have lived that I keep in my heart. So here is my list of my favorite things to do in the Pink city.

Top 5 Destinations for Eco Travelling

What is Eco travelling? Certainly we may think that we understand what eco travelling is but, do we really? The first thought that comes to mind is that eco travelling or ecotourism is primarily concerned with preserving natural destinations through minimally invasive travel thus preserving the natural beauty for generations to come.

Tulip Flower Festival of Kashmir

Picture a contour of snow-tipped peaks overlooking the placid waters of the Dal lake. And nestled in its lap a grand silken carpet woven with colorful tulip blooms, with a lullaby of winds in the background. At the Indira Gandhi Memorial Garden in Srinagar, such poetry by nature comes alive.

Grand Lake, Colorado – Not to Be Missed When Visiting Rocky Mountain National Park

The area of Grand Lake offers not only a charming town, full of activities, but the largest and deepest natural lake in Colorado. Spend a day boating, hiking, fishing or shopping.

The Top Summer Attractions in Queenstown New Zealand

Are you ready for some summer fun in Queenstown, New Zealand? The town may be the most popular ski resort in the Southern hemisphere, but it offers great attractions during the warm months of the year as well. Find out what you can enjoy during the months of December, January and February.

Top Three Reasons to Visit Estes Park This Summer

Estes Park and adjacent Rocky Mountain National Park will always attract visitors. There are several compelling reasons to visit the area this summer in particular.

Your Sydney Tour Won’t Be Complete When You Don’t Do These

Sydney is one of the most beautiful cities on Earth. Many avail Australia tours from Singapore and these are the necessary things to be done for a trip to be complete.

A Caribbean Vacation – Places to Visit in the Caribbean – Part 2

I hope you are ready for the Caribbean because I’m back with more information on places to visit while your stay there. In my previous article, I have covered 3 different places: Aruba, Dominica and Santo Domingo. In this article I will be covering Bahamas, the Cayman Islands and Barbados.

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