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India Tourist Attractions – An Amazing Way To Begin A Fulfilling Tour

If you want to visit India and are confused on where to begin the majestic journey, then worry not. Just embark on an India tour through its major tourist attractions.

Guana Island – A Great Place to Get Lost!

Many of us dream of being a beach bum, lost on a beautiful, deserted island with only fresh coconuts, a thatched hut and endless bottles of rum at our fingertips. At Guana Island, the fantasy gets an upgrade, because you can get lost with those coconuts and a bottle of rum… but it’s brought to you at your lounge chair by an attentive staff member. Guana Island is a privately owned sanctuary with seven deserted, pristine beaches, a totally unspoiled and nearly deserted–heaven on earth.

Peru: What To Read Before You Go

Like all good travelers, I try to delve into the history and culture of a place before I get there. I’ll browse the travel section at a good book store, comparing travel books and maps. And while guide books are a great way to brush up on a destination, we often overlook some of the lengthier–and more compelling non-fiction books written by travel writers and historians.

Recommended Wanaka Day Trips

The gorgeous Wanaka township, and its surrounding area offers visitors a wonderful array of things to do, and places to visit. Wanaka itself has retained its quaint village feel despite being a tourist hot spot and the location for some of New Zealand’s most entertaining and adventurous winter activities and events. If you are heading to Wanaka for a holiday and feel like exploring a little more of the district, below are some great day trips you could consider:

4 Largest Urban Centers in India

One of the most growing economies in the world, India consists of varied topography including rural area, virgin forests and mountains and vibrant metro cities. Read this article to know the top 4 largest cities in India.

Grand Canyon Tours Offer Spectacular Scenery And Fun Activities

Planning a visit to Grand Canyon National Park? By all means take a tour. The best are via helicopter, airplane and bus. This article explains.

Living It Up at the MGM in Las Vegas

During my recent trip to the US of A I got a great travel deal wherein I availed of an offer to stay three nights at the MGM Grand in Las Vegas. To say that MGM is big would be an understatement as the complex is like a miniature city! As soon as we walked into the lobby one could palpably feel the buzz and raw energy of that wonderful place!

You Did Put Your Clocks Back, Didn’t You?

As British Summer Time ends and the autumn leaves fall, we enter the annual routine of putting our clocks back by one hour. You did put your clocks back, didn’t you?

Travel in Myanmar: What You Should Know

If you are planning to travel in Myanmar, there are certain things you need to know in order to have a safe and fun-filled trip. Like any other countries in the Southeast Asian region, this particular destination is home to historical and significant tourist spots and wonderful things to do.

Holidaying in Peru

Peru is a beautiful country in South America that boasts a rich cultural heritage. Scenic locations, historical sites and several fun festivals make Peru a popular vacation destination. There are so many places to visit and so many things to see, that your Peru travel itinerary should be created well in advance!

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