Prime Minister Justin Trudeau on Importance of Gender Equality

Spend Your Vacation in Brazil’s Most Glamorous City – Sao Paulo

The city’s glitz and glamour add to the attraction of vacationing here. Clubbing is a definite must during the weekends.

Visit the Jewel of the Emirates – Abu Dhabi

Visit this glamorous city in the Middle East to experience world-class shopping in some of the best malls in the world. It also has some adventure activities to offer. It is a treat to see this kind of development in the midst of a desert.

Best Guide To Find Information About Beaches in Ionian Islands

Languid, lovely and long beaches line the endless coastlines of these Ionian Islands. Some are well-organised with state-of-the-art facilities for tourists and many have been awarded the European Blue Flag for environmental excellence and cleanliness. Corfu is the most popular of the island with the biggest tourist pull and as such has some of the best beaches, but there are countless other sandy stretches around the islands.

A Short Introduction To The Strange And Obscure Cycladic Island Amorgos, Greece

Amorgos lies to the east of the Cycladic island chain and is actually quite close to the Dodecanese islands. Amorgos was a thriving commercial, cultural and economic place, as well as a highly spiritual place with ancient temples and sanctuaries built to honour the gods, such as the ancient temple of Aphrodite.

A Typical Camping Safari In Kenya

One of the major attractions to Kenya is definitely wildlife. It is fascinating to be able to get an experience In the African bush as it is unique with many animals to see. Kenya is not only about wildlife as there are sceneries that are to die for.

Visit Key West, the Southernmost Tip of USA

This Florida city offers some of the best locations to enjoy a romantic holiday. The island city also has a lot of adventure activities on offer, making it a popular destination with fun-loving and thrilling-seeking tourists.

Spend A Magical Vacation In Enchanting Nassau

This city offers the perfect setting to enjoy a true laid back Bahamian holiday. It may be crowded with tourists hopping off the huge number of cruise liners that anchor here, but it has an atmosphere that relaxes and refreshes vacationers.

5 Practical Tips for Your Manila Stay

Staying in Manila for quite some time? Avoid the hassle and get to enjoy your stay in the Philippine capital better with the help of these 5 practical tips.

3 Things I Didn’t Expect to See, Hear, or Experience in China

Recently, I decided to make a leap across the world… From my home country, the United States, to Southern China, where I signed a 1 year contract to live and teach English in Guangdong Province. Here are three things that have caught me off guard; which might also catch you off guard if you are traveling or living as a foreigner in Zhongguo (China)… #1: Bathroom Massages…

Where to Find Traditional Hospitality? Mongolia

Hospitality is a word banded around by many cultures. There are certainly things to be learned from the ancient Mongolian civilisation. When one feels tired, hot, cold, thirsty or hungry it is perfectly acceptable to open the door to the nearest ger (yurt) (Mongolian house) and step inside.

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