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The Music of Puerto Rico: A Sampler of Different Genres

When you first touch down in Puerto Rico, it won’t be long before you start to hear its characteristic music wafting out from a restaurant, or someone’s car radio, or even the locals humming their favorite tune. In this article we cover six of the most popular genres with interesting facts for each — tracing from the early Spanish settlers to modern day pop, with a few video samples to illustrate.

Guide to Caribbean Travels

With hundreds of islands to explore, year-round good weather and great promotional deals on air tickets, it is no wonder that the Caribbean islands are one of the most sought after vacation destination in the world. And if you plan your Caribbean vacation well, you will be able to make the most of your time and money while your stay here.Here is a short guide to a Caribbean travel: When to visit the Caribbean The Caribbean weather is categorized as dry and wet.

Luxembourg, a Hiker’s Paradise

Hikers can explore 5000 km worth of trails, 24 themed tours and four international routes. A relaxing stroll, curious exploring, wandering through nature, powerful marching; Luxembourg has the perfect hiking trail for every pace, every age and every difficulty level.

How to Find Good Deals For Hawaiian Vacations

Hawaiian vacations can be expensive but they are also a dream come true that many people try to experience at least once in their life. There is a way to save money and find deals on your Hawaiian vacation to include ordering a custom made Hawaiian itinerary.

Aruba’s Food Diversity

The diversity of Aruba’s food choices are as varied as the population of people who have made this beautiful island home and the history that makes this country so interesting. From good food, fantastic atmosphere and great views, the restaurants of Aruba offer menus that will blow your mind and make your taste buds tingle all the way home. There are many things you will remember about your vacation in Aruba, and the food is hopefully going to be one of them!

Australia’s Hidden Treasures

Australia provides some of the most beautiful and exciting holiday destinations in the world. It’s a land of amazing contrasts, stunning natural landscapes and breathtaking scenery. It’s home to some of the world’s most beautiful beaches, lush tropical rainforests, magnificent mountain ranges, iconic outback landscapes and exciting, vibrant cities. There’s a holiday here to suit everyone!

Have a Hollywood Romance With These Romantic Comedy Getaways Near Kenosha, Wisconsin

Let Hollywood screenwriters be the guide to a romantic getaway destination with the leading lady or man in your life. Star in your own local romance with any one of these five locations with ties to popular movies. All are within a two-hour drive of Kenosha, Wisconsin.

The Best Indian Cities

India has several large cities. Many of the cities are among the world’s largest cities. Large metros like Delhi, Mumbai, Kolkata and Chennai are among largest cities of the world in terms of population.

Las Vegas Tours – Grand Canyon by Bus Is Full of Value, Fun

If you’re in Las Vegas for vacation, one thing you need to add to your list of things to do is a Grand Canyon bus tour. See the West Rim or the South Rim. Learn which is right for you. Read this article.

How Safe Are Tourists From Crime in Florida Theme Parks

When we plan to take our family anywhere one of the major considerations is always going to be how safe that place is from crime. Over the last few years we’ve heard several stories of high profile violent crimes, and it might be logical to wonder if that crime would spill over into places we would take our families, such as the theme parks and beaches.

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