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Experiencing the Heart and Soul of Sicily

Staying in villas in Sicily is the best way to discover the true soul of the Mediterranean island. The al fresco dining experience is truly unforgettable.

Looking For a Country Retreat?

The Cotswolds offers the perfect backdrop to a country retreat. The picturesque English scenery is sprinkled with luxury accommodation and pubs and restaurants offering the very best in local seasonal produce.

Uncovering the Ancient Historical Treasures of Italy

Whether you desire cottages, castles, or villas in Italy, there is a glut of decadent choices. Many of these choices cater ideally to history buffs.

For Mediterranean Villas, Sicily Has What You’re Looking For

The Mediterranean is a fabulous place to book villas. Sicily is one of the first destinations you should start your search in – with something for everyone.

Santa Venerina – A Hidden Gem for Villas in Sicily

Booking one of the delightful villas in Sicily is the best way to immerse in the true heart and soul of this wonderful Italian island in the Mediterranean. What better way could there be to get away from the hustle and bustle of city life than to spend a week or two exploring the sunny shores and lush hillsides of Sicily? Santa Venerina is a hidden gem of a commune, or municipality, when it comes to renting villas in Sicily.

Considering the Bermuda Triangle on Your Caribbean Holiday

Many people heading off on a Caribbean holiday are intrigued by the subject of the Bermuda Triangle and its mysteries. Here is an overview.

Enjoying the Pleasures of Family Caribbean Holidays

Your family holiday needs to be chosen carefully. So, will family Caribbean Holidays be for you and your loved ones?

Where to Go on Family Caribbean Holidays

You have so many possible destinations to choose from on family Caribbean holidays, so where should you go? Here are a few suggestions.

When Is the Best Season to Travel in Kenya?

The high season in Kenya is the dry season which runs from July to September and you will find higher accommodation prices and many more tourists. Conversely, the low season is also the wet season, beginning in March and finishing around June. Some lodges drop their prices somewhat between the high season and Christmas. However this season is also defined by the “short rains” and if you end up staying at accommodation that retains a high rate right through to Christmas then putting up with a bit of rain may not be worth it. Finally, the best feature of the Christmas season is the migratory birds arriving in Kenya in their millions.

Steps To Select The Perfect Holiday Destination

Travelling to a destination that you love or one that has everything that you feel makes the perfect holiday offers the most rewarding holiday experience. Luckily, there are so many amazing holiday spots across the globe and with a few considerations you should be in a position to choose one with the potential of offering you an experience to remember for a long time.

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