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Top 5 International Holiday Destinations For 2014

Whenever you are looking for the best of all international travel destinations in the world, you are likely to come across the same names several times. These are travel brands, in fact, that will continue to be enriched over a period of time.

Side Trip Destinations for International Travellers to Hong Kong

While planning for a trip to Hong Kong, many travellers come across many popular side trip destinations nearby. They don’t miss out on the Terra Cotta Warriors in Xian or Hong Kong Wetland Park. People also explore the Macao culture. But they tend to overlook some of the finest choices for international holiday goers

Festivals of Delhi – Where Loving, Caring and Giving Are the Key Elements

Delhi is one of the most historic and cultural places of the country. The city boasts of a rich blend of ancient world charm with modern sophistication and continues to surprise its guests through its culture.

A Trip to Aberaeron

If you drive from New Quay in West Wales over to Aberystwyth, you will pass through a lovely little place called Aberaeron. Whilst not as large as Aberystwyth, Aberaeron still has loads to offer and if you are staying in the local area, you will enjoy a day out in this lovely little town. History In 1807, an act of parliament granted permission for the Lord of Aberaeron to enlarge and improve the harbour, quay and pier.

An Unforgettable Visit To The Painted Monastery Arbore

The Arbore monastery retains some remarkable frescoes that are applied against a mainly green background. The artistry can be considered as genius, as it features five separate shades, with 47 hues that are combined with colors of ochre, yellow red, pink and blue. What remains impressive about the monastery, is the atmosphere and environment created by the decorations that adorn the walls. Moldavian art of the medieval era is used to extract sincerity and boldness, with colors that are bright and warm, while they can also be empathic.

Tour Packages – An Easy Way to Plan International Travel

Being in a foreign country is difficult enough as it is. Being a tourist in a foreign country can’t be any easier. Finding your way around a new country could be difficult and filled with anxiety. Tour packages can easily make all these problems disappear.

India, The New Destination for Luxury Holiday Packages

Luxury holiday packages in India… they seem just a little bit out of place in this milieu, perhaps? There’s a thing or two that India can teach the world about living it up in style, so if you’re looking to splurge on an excessive vacation, sign up for a lesson in luxury, the Indian way.

Travel to the Far East Shopping Capital – Bangkok Holiday

As you stroll down the lanes of Bangkok, most shoppers experience firsthand a different kind of hustle and bustle while shopping. The vast canvas of Bangkok has more shopping destinations, restaurants and spas then one can count.

What Are the Best Ways to Visit Russia?

Traveling to Russia has gotten quite a lot of publicity due to the Winter Olympics in Sochi, but will soon be talked about with the FIFA World Cup scheduled there in 2018. There really is a lot to see, and not only because it’s by far the largest country in the world.

Delicious Dubai Holiday – Middle Eastern To Global Dining Experiences

Dubai is an iconic global city that blends the local flavour with international trends effortlessly. The beauty and magic of this dessert city is mirrored by their food as well.

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