Scott Evans Highlights the Power of Advocacy in Action | Global Citizen Festival: NYC

The Warren County Winery Train

This article reviews the rail history of Phillipsburg, New Jersey. It then takes the reader on a journey with the winery train, operated by the Belvidere and Delaware River Railroad.

Savoring Delicious Brazilian Cuisine In Rio De Janeiro

Rio de Janeiro is a paradise for gastronomy. Many local restaurants in the neighborhoods of Copacabana, Downtown, Ipanema, Santa Teresa, Urca, Leblon and Leme serve authentic Brazilian cuisine. Visit them to savor delicious cuisine here.

Free Tourist Attractions in Denmark

Visiting any place costs a lot of money. Apart from the visa charges and flight tickets, there are also entrance fees that a lot places demand. However, there are also places that one can visit free of charge! Here’s a list of such attractions in Denmark.

Tips for Planning Tours on Grand Canyon Helicopters

I get a lot of emails from travelers asking me the best way to pick a helicopter tour to the Grand Canyon. In response, I wrote this article, which also shows how to get the lowest rates on these impeccable flights.

USVI’s Yacht Haven Grande and Bajo El Sol Art Gallery

The Yacht Haven Grande in St. Thomas and Bajo el Sol Art Gallery in St. John symbolize the marriage between urban lifestyle and the vibrant island culture. Great places to visit on your next trip to the Virgin Islands.

Important Dining Out Tips In Aruba!

Aruba is a popular tourist destination in the Caribbean. It is a foodie’s paradise. The city’s Dutch and Caribbean heritage offers variety of food options to the visitors.

Hurricane Season In the Dominican Republic

The hurricane season in the Dominican Republic officially begins on June 1st and runs through then end of November, peaking in the month of September. A hurricane begins as a tropical depression, which can build up and become a tropical storm before turning into a hurricane of category 1 to 5 strength with sustained wind speed of 119 kph to 250 kph. The storm receives its name from a pre-selected list when the tropical depression turns into a tropical storm. There are 6 lists of names, created by the National Hurricane Center in the early 1950s, which are used on rotation. If a name has been used for a particularly severe and devastating hurricane, that name is taken off the list, which happened with e.g. George and Katrina.

Holiday in the Brazilian Land

The largest country in South America, Brazil is a beautiful and most vibrant country in the world renowned for its grand carnivals, celebrated culture, wonderful attractions, and scrumptious cuisines. Best known for its annual carnival in Rio de Janerio, Olinda, Salvador, and Recife, the country attracts millions of tourists due to the impeccable beauty of its beaches. Apart from the sun-kissed beaches, the country has numerous other attractions like the colonial town, Baroque churches, cascading waterfalls, peaceful yet colorful environment.

Auroville – Oasis or Mirage?

Auroville is interesting as it tests the theory of international communal living, based on spirituality. This is a narrative of a day spent in this township, and some queries, doubts, answers and thoughts arising out of this experience.

The Puerto Princesa Underground River: A Hidden Underground Beauty

Discover why the Puerto Princesa Underground River is a true natural wonder. The national park continues to capture the hearts of many travelers throughout the globe.

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