Stormzy Describes ‘One of the Most Legendary Days of My Life’ | Global Citizen Festival: Accra

Tulip Festival – A Reason To Celebrate Millions of Tulip Blooms

A jewel of a destination, Srinagar is the winter capital of Kashmir that fascinates many travelers all around the year. The beautiful lake, picturesque valley, meandering river and the romantic shikaras on water make this gorgeous place the first stop for most of the travelers.

I Love Havana, Cuba!

Havana is a vibrant city alive with the enthusiasm of its residents. It is one of the few places in the world I will go back for a second visit or maybe even more. For me, travel is all about the people and they may be poor in Havana but they are warm, friendly, and oh, so welcoming.

Do’s and Don’ts China Pt II

The second part is for those of you who will stay in Zhongguo for a longer period, either to study or to teach English. Don’t be fooled by the Chinese Dragon, ride it instead!

Turkey Holidays: Places to See and Explore in Turkey

The golden beaches, splendid sunny weather and Oriental charm of Turkey are already well known to tourists worldwide. While Turkey is an accessible destination, at some point one feels like diversifying the usual sun-and-beach holiday. If you want to go beyond the standard touristic spots and discover the true gems of this country, consider the following:

What Should the Best Vacations in India Include?

This article summarises one of the best vacations to be taken in India. It stresses your ability to tailor make your own luxury India holiday to however suits you.

Top Tourist Attractions In Greece

The birthplace of civilization counts amongst the top tourist places around the globe. Millions of people flock to Greece and other Mediterranean countries. They are known as the hotspot for fun and relaxation worldwide.

Explore Turkey: Termessos and Gulluk Mountains

Still some way off the beaten tourist track, these two attractions, featuring some of Turkey’s finest landscapes and a huge slice of ancient history, make a worthy day trip from the west of the famous Antalya region. There are few restaurants on your route so this trip provides the perfect chance to enjoy a picnic in the hills. There is lots of fresh fruit and vegetables plus delicious roast chicken and fresh bread in the local markets, or you can head to the huge hypermarket in the Migros Shopping Centre in Antalya You need to head…

Wildlife Sanctuaries In Goa

Goa is a place known for its splendor and enigma in all that it offers to its residents as well as to those who come visit the land. The place is bountiful in beaches, different cuisines, flea markets, water sports, parties, forts, churches, music and wildlife sanctuaries. Several of the Goa’s magnificent places are less explored that offer true bliss of the nature

In a Castle Dark Or a Fortress Strong

Hundreds of ghosts walk the streets of this 18th century town and fortress. You can actually meet and speak with some of them, those who are still in the land of the living, that is. During the summer months, the place is populated by animators who convincingly play the roles of former townspeople, residing and working here, just like back in the day. First established in 1713, the Fortress of Louisbourg on Cape Breton, Nova Scotia, Canada is the largest reconstruction project in North America. In 1928, after lying abandoned and in ruins for a century and a half, the Government of Canada declared it a National Historic Site. In 1961, a multi-million dollar project got underway to reconstruct about 25% of the original town and fortifications. More than a dozen buildings were then opened to the public.

Best Beach Destinations in India!

India is a land of diversity comprising of several cultures and traditions. This incredible country is also home to some of the best beaches. It has a vast coastline. Best beach destinations in India Include Goa, Kerala and Andaman and Nicobar Island. I have picked up some of the top beaches in each of these destinations. Take a pick from the following listed beach destinations that suit your taste.

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