SZA Performs ‘Broken Clocks’ | Global Citizen Festival: Accra

Greece: Be Prepared Before You Travel!

Information on traveling to Greece – Athens, Mykonos and Santorini! All my personal recommendations on airfare, hotels and more traveler advice, tips, and trick.

Don’t Miss Niagara When You Visit Toronto!

With the spring weather upon us, you might have an urge to get outdoors and enjoy a quick trip with the family. If you’re trying to come up with a short trip that is easily accessible, highly enjoyable and incredibly affordable, then a day trip to Niagara Falls may be the answer!

Where Are the Great Places to Hang Out in South America?

This article outlines some of the best places simply to relax in South America. Wherever you’d like to go and whatever you want to do, there is a chic new place for you to discover!

A Gourmet Taste of Latin America

This article summarises some of the best spots to go in search of the well and truly up and coming gourmet status of South America. No matter what your tastes, you can find some incredible food whilst exploring this amazing continent.

What Are Some of the Best Places to Visit in India?

This article highlights some of the finest places to visit in India, according to a trip that I recently helped to organise for a friend. Take a look and see where you could explore in future.

With Cheap Flights to Cape Town, You Can Start a Vacation That Will Keep You Busy With Activities!

You want to take a vacation to a place where you can have a lot of things to do and you have many different activities to choose from. If you choose to visit Cape Town, South Africa, there are so many different things to do, you will not want to slow down!

Cruises You Can Take Out of Florida for a Day

There probably isn’t any state in the U.S. where water is such an important part of the lifestyle. That state of course is Florida, which being a Peninsula that wherever you are in the state you are never more than a couple of hours from either the Atlantic Ocean or the Gulf of Mexico. In keeping with the many things to do for recreation in Florida, one more activity that won’t take a great bite out of your vacation is the many single day cruises from the Florida harbors.

Different Things to Do in Krabi

Krabi is a beach destination but there is also much more. Many of Krabi’s best places are inland. Find out what Krabi has to offer.

Kenya and Tanzania – Where to Travel First?

Kenya and Tanzania both offer wildlife, beach and mountains and the quintessential safari combines the three experiences across the two countries. The international airport in Nairobi, Kenya is the biggest transport hub for international flights, so the chances are you will arrive there, making Kenya a sensible place to start your dream safari with a trip to the famous Maasai Mara and other game reserves. Climbing Mt Kilimanjaro or Mt Kenya is another popular pursuit that travellers to East Africa often include in their itineraries and is best tackled after you have enjoyed the spectacular wildlife. Finally conclude your East African safari holiday enjoying the beaches of Zanzibar.

Interesting Facts About the Yangtze River

Whether you are heading to China to see the Great Wall of China, the Terracotta Warriors or the many other attractions this vast country has to offer, one attraction that is a must visit is the Yangtze River. The amazing thing about the River Yangtze is the fact that it can be seen in many different ways, such as walking along paths beside it or on a river cruise, which is the more popular way of seeing this river’s incredible sights. If you are heading on a River Yangtze cruise it is always a good idea…

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